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How to select the Lederhosen / Bundhosen Sizes?

It is important to note, Lederhosen and Bundhosen have a low stretching affinity as compared to other fabrics, such a jeans or cotton trousers. Sizes also vary on where you choose to wear your Lederhosen / Bundhosen. 

Lederhosen and Bundhosen loose up to 1 inch after being worn 2 to 3 times. Breaking into leather is important for a perfect sizing before Oktoberfest. If you do not have time to break into your Lederhosen, it is advised to go one size up – you can always adjust the sizing through the handy lacing at the back.

I have a question about the dimension/description of an item, what do I do?

Get in touch with our team via email, our team will instantly guide you through your needs, requirements and specific issues. You can use the contact form to message us your questions about product details and requirements. 

Send us an Email and include these details:

  • Product ID
  • Product Dimensions and Details 
  • Your questions and requirements

If you have received a damages or defective product, immediately contact our customer support and care team and we will get back to you as soon as possible. To contact our customer care, use the contact us form, start a live chat, or Email us, by adding the following information: 

  • Order ID/Number
  • Product Name
  • Description of the damage/issue of the product
  • Add in a few pictures of the defective product

If you still haven’t received your product after the provided time has ended, please check in with your local post office before notifying us about the delivery. You can easily track your order’s status through our tracking page, put in the order code provided to you in the confirmation email. 

However if you are not able to track your order, please check all doorways, outside areas of your house and ask around from the neighbors if they have accidently picked up any of your parcels on your behalf. 

After checking thoroughly, get in touch with our team. Opt for a live chat, send us a message through the contact us form or send us an Email, please make sure to add-in the following details:

  • Order Number
  • Product name
  • Date you placed the order

Yes, we do ship worldwide. However taxes (VAT) might be applicable where you live so you might have to pay at the time of delivery of your order. These taxes are normally quite minimal and will not cause inconvenience.

Customers are eligible for our return policy if the items intended for return are in new condition and are not damaged. The customer is liable to bear the shipping costs and any taxes for return of these goods. Additionally, we do not accept any return without prior approval.

If you want to change the billing address, send us an email of your request, and include details of your order number, account, and the prior billing address. 

If you want to change the shipping address, get in touch with our customer care and support. Opt for a live chat, send us a message through the contact us form or send us an email by including the following information: 

  • Order Number
  • The correct shipping address

You shall receive a confirmation message/email from us for the updated shipping address once it is changed in our database.

If you have not received the confirmation email/message for your order, then there might be a few reasons for it: 

  • The order was not processed completely owing to some technical errors with the browser or internet
  • Your Email address is not correct due to an unintentional typing error
  • The email might have gone to your Spam or Trash folder

You can contact our customer care for the confirmation of your orders. For a quick response it is preferable to send us an Email with the following information: 

  • Order Number
  • NAME (ship to / Bill to)
  • Date of purchase

Please mention in email that you are just confirming if your order is placed.

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