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Bavarian Lederhosen – Online 

Bring out your rough personality and bask in the absolute masculinity of our Lederhosen products.

What started initially as farm workwear, the authentic Bavarian Lederhosen has now become a key symbol for annual Oktoberfest and Beerfest celebrations. Our Lederhosen products are made from top-quality fine leather, intricate cuts, and an array of unique colors, a product fitting to every person and every personality.

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Lederhosen – A Traditional Bavarian Attire 

Our store carries a massive collection of traditional Lederhosen and Bundhosen, a stunning collection available exclusively at our online store. We bring the convenience of shopping online to you, that too with the least effort. Rule this year's Oktoberfest fashion scene with your charming Lederhosen attire. 

Please choose from our selection a product that compliments your personality. Our 2022 collection carries various products that will effortlessly make you stand out from the crowd. We sell and ship our products globally, including the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and Canada. 

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Lederhosen for Sale

The leather breeches were hands-on workwear of Bavarian farmers, precisely designed to be of practical use in their everyday rough lives. The simplicity of the garment made it popular among the Bavarian people and beyond. The outfit swiftly gained the status of popular leisurewear.  

A piece of Bavarian Legacy, Quality products all at fantastic sale prices. 

Tradition meets Modernization – Bavarian Lederhosen

Traditional leather breeches are an authentic part of exclusive Bavarian history. The multiuse dress can be worn in daily life and Oktoberfest and Beerfest festivities worldwide, in leisure or informal and semi-formal gatherings. In recent years, the Lederhosen have debuted in formal and informal functions such as weddings, funerals, and formal meetings. The dainty look of the leather attire will boost your confidence and place you in the upper echelon of the fashion scenario. 

Our designers have continually kept comfort on their top priority; no matter how rough the outfit looks, wearing it would be like wearing a light feather. You won't feel even a twinge of heaviness or discomfort while wearing our products.  

Livelier than the Oktoberfest itself, our products are available at fantastic discount prices. 

Buy Lederhosen Online – An easy purchase 

Would you please consult our size charts for assistance in your purchase? Keep in mind that our products are made from fine quality leather, which will expand slightly when you first wear them; choose a snug size for your body in the first wear. Mostly, pick one size below your regular jeans size.   

Feel free to point out any more requests and modifications to our support team. Order now.

Care Instructions for Lederhosen

A sturdy leather garment, Lederhosen shall gain their unique look and feel as you put them in use. A look that only comes with usage, your unique signature – if you will. Lederhosen are durable garments that will last you years if taken care of properly. 

The leather breeches won't fuss much if you sweat a lot while wearing them or if you put some scratches on them. The scratches will only add to their unique class.  

Even so, if you want to clean them for any reason, cleaning the individual creases will be easy. Use a leather brush, go easy on the garment, you can also use a leather eraser for this purpose.  

If you have a tough stain, use some carbonated water on the stain with fluid, smooth round movements. If that doesn't do the trick, it is highly recommended to hire a professional leather cleaning service.

If your Lederhosen smells a bit musky, hang them out in an open space or a well-ventilated room. Airing your Lederhosen will erase any odor. Don't sweat much on the cleanliness of your Lederhosen, and the attire is meant to be rough workwear that will test the promise of time and quality.