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Lederhosen – A Traditional German Outfit

The traditional outfit has been in use for centuries in German-speaking countries. German Lederhosen is short or knee-length leather trousers that were historically worn as workwear. The longer ones are called Bundhosen or Kniebundhosen

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Traditionally Lederhosen is hand-made from tanned deer leather, making the breeches soft and extraordinarily light yet tearproof. Such leather breeches are valuable and can last a lifetime; thus, some Bavarians even bequeath their Lederhosen to the coming generation. Truly an investment worth sharing with the younger generation.


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Whether you are a brute male or a daring, confident woman, you both can enjoy the rough charm of our Lederhosen outfit. Lederhosen has come a long way and evolved from mere farm-wear to official costumes of the Oktoberfest and Beerfest festivals around the world. Made from top-quality cow leather, adorned with straight cuts, colors, and intricate embroidery, our products are for every stylish man or woman who wants to sport a stern yet authentic look for Oktoberfest. Go through our collection of amazing Lederhosen, Bundhosen products and get yours at fantastic sale prices and offers. 

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Authentic Lederhosen – History, Speculation, and Use


Initially, Lederhosen was worn for physical work; by being sturdier than fabric. In modern times, they are usually worn as leisurewear. Lederhosen and Dirndl outfits are typical wear in Beerfest and Oktoberfest around the world.

The leather breeches were prevalent among working-class men of the Alpine and neighboring regions, including Bavaria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, and Sudtirol. 


It is widely speculated that the traditional garb was not solely a Bavarian garment, but it was worn all over Europe by riders, hunters, and other outdoors people. The flap front drop is widely associated with being a Bavarian invention. It became extremely famous in the 18th century that the French called it à la bavaroise, “in the Bavarian style.”


Lederhosen has continued to be locally famous and is widely linked to virility and muscularity. Men still wear them while hiking, gardening, working outside, or appearing in folk festivals or beer gardens. They are symbolized as a token of regional pride in Bavaria and other areas where they are still in use, but Lederhosen is hardly seen anywhere else in practical use.  

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German Lederhosen 

It is widely believed that Lederhosen is the national dress of Germany; however, this is not true. The leather breeches were common Bavarian workwear of farmers. The outfit was designed to meet the practical everyday needs of farmers and was made with sturdy deer leather to increase its robustness. The same practicality and the rough chic look of the outfit made the Bavarian royal court fall in love with it. The nobility promoted the dress in their inner circle, raving over its practicality and look, gaining it the status of luxury leisurewear. 

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 Innovation towards Lederhosen

The beautiful part of ancient German-Bavarian history met with the trendy demand of the modern world. Lederhosen, a versatile outfit, is worn to leisure in everyday life and the annual Oktoberfest celebrations. The authenticity and the bold statement of the dress will increase your confidence tenfold, whether you add it to your daily wear or sport it to Oktoberfest. 

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