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Lederhosen – Journey Through Time

Lederhosen, the short or knee-length leather trousers, were never meant to become a traditional Oktoberfest costume. They were designed as standard workwear for farmers. Germans have been using leather for clothing such as boots for centuries. Leather is a sturdy material for laborers and farmers who work under harsh conditions. 

In the 16th century, French culottes, the knee-breeches, became famous in Europe. 

The French culottes were made using softer fabrics as they were used for leisurely apparel. By the early 18th century, German and Austrian workers adapted culottes style for their use but instead used leather instead of soft French fabrics. Hence, Lederhosen was born, which translates to “Leather breeches,” culottes made out of leather.  

The hardy garment used initially by the mountain peasants became a practical attire for upper-class Germans for horseback riding and hunting activities. It became trendy for the nobles to emulate peasant-style clothing during the 18th century. Lederhosen made its presence in courtly society while still in use by the peasants, making it the widespread German attire. 

 However, Lederhosen saw a decline in its popularity with the advent of trousers, jeans, and pantaloons. Making it again only popular among peasants. The apparent irrelevancy of authentic Lederhosen gave rise to the creation of clubs intended to preserve the Bavarian culture. The most significant contributing factor was the announcement of the Oktoberfest in 1887 that Oktoberfest Lederhosen and Dirndls would be the official costumes for the attendees. A rule, still in practice in 2021. 

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Authentic Oktoberfest Lederhosen 

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How to Care for Lederhosen?

If you are planning to buy Lederhosen, please read the care label stitched to the product. Follow the directions thoroughly, and the item will thank you for it. 

Lederhosen are hard-wearing that won’t deplete in charm with a few scratches here and there. As a matter of fact, that will only increase the unique class of the garment. 

Nevertheless, if you happen to find yourself in need of cleaning your Lederhosen, please use a leather brush with soft movements. You can also use a leather eraser for it. 

If you spilled beer on your Lederhosen or made huge sweat-stains, that can be removed with some sparkling carbonated water with gentle round movements. If that isn’t up to your standards of cleanliness, we highly recommend using a professional leather cleaning service. 

Got a weird smell to your Lederhosen? Hang it to air out in a well-ventilated room. 

Lederhosen are a beefy outfit, and the breeches are meant to be rough and sturdy, do not fret yourself with its cleanliness. The garment will take care of itself mostly. 

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