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Lederhosen and Bundhosen are our star items and the crowning glory of our collection. At Lederhosens, we design bespoke artistic pieces made from supreme quality suede leather. Suede Lederhosen at our online shop is available in multiple colors, cuts, contrasts, and colors with intrinsic embroideries and embellishments. 

Suede Lederhosen

Suede leather pants or Lederhosen come with rustic add-ons such a stag-horn buttons and traditional embroideries. Lederhosen are hardy items that do not require much care but will last you a long while. You can adjust the Lederhosen with fasteners on the back and pants to achieve a snug look. For other sizing-related information, refer to our detailed sizing chart.  Our Lederhosen for sale collection is complete with masculine and rustic pieces adorned with hardy natural suede leather – that do not wear out or stain easily.  Lederhosen Care and Maintenance  Suede Lederhosen is made from top-quality genuine leather hides and are incredibly sturdy. The garments are expected to don a sheen and distinctive quality of their own after coming into regular use. This quality can’t be bought but has to be worked in. the leather material does not stain easily; however, a few tears here and there after use only make your piece more unique.    Suede leather pants sustain no sweat damage and won’t necessarily form a bed smell –be sure to air the garment out after each use.    On the other hand, if you are a clean-freak and want to clean out your piece thoroughly for small stains, use a leather brush in a circular motion or use a leather eraser.    If you have a bigger stain on your garment, use some carbonated water with a rag and run across the stain in a circular motion. If these tricks don’t work, consider hiring a professional cleaner.   Hang out your Lederhosen out or in a well-ventilated room to eliminate any smell or moisture before storing the garment. Don’t worry too much about cleaning your Lederhosen, as the garment has a rugged charm and character and is made from a sturdy suede leather that doesn’t require much care.   

Lederhosen for Sale

Take advantage of our extensive Lederhosen Sale online and pick out the best costume for your Oktoberfest look. Not only do we carry a selection of distinct designs and cuts, but our products also come in an array of colors. Our collection encompasses the old-world traditional charm while beautifully fusing in the practicalities of the ultra-modern comfort add-ons.    Pick out an outfit for yourself or your loved ones, make it your outfit for Oktoberfest or tweak your everyday wardrobe by adding in a fun-looking cheeky garment.    Lederhosen is one of the best gifts from the German-Bavarian and Alpine culture. The garment goes back centuries and oozes centuries of rustic charm and a magnificent aura. Lederhosen is closely related and most well-known as an Oktoberfest outfit.    Lederhosen sale this year is extensive on our online store; pick out your outfits today and enjoy free add-ons on your purchase.    Take advantage of massive storewide discounts on all of our products, and don’t let the fantastic deal slip from your hands!