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Women’s Lederhosen

Who says that you have to stick to Dirndls at Oktoberfest? That’s the thing of the past, Sista!

Reinvent your Oktoberfest look this year, and none are stopping you. Rock the Oktoberfest crowd, or make your co-workers green with envy by wearing our Women’s Lederhosen. A sturdy leather garment with delicate accents, all blended in lovely harmony, undoubtedly a confident woman’s look for Oktoberfest 2021. Initially a male attire, Lederhosen are now among women's chic looks too.

Lederhosen Vs Dirndl Dress

When it comes to Oktoberfest outfits, women have the edge over men. Women can opt for two very different Oktoberfest looks, play around with their options, mix and match.

Choosing between Lederhosen and Dirndl can be a little tricky. So, let us be your fairy godmother.

We carry a complete range of authentic women’s lederhosen outfit inspired by tradition yet adorned with an array of modern elements. Lederhosen have become unbelievably popular among women in recent years. Many women around the world now opt for a killer Lederhosen in Oktoberfest.

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Pairing your Lederhosen Outfit

Let’s talk about how you are going to style your amazing Lederhosen.

The verve and glamour of our Lederhosen for sale collection touches the heart and soul of our customers annually at Oktoberfest. The sheer style and cut of our unique designs are a wow factor that every woman desires. 

The female Lederhosen can easily be paired with anything and everything the wearer desires. Pair your authentic Lederhosen with our dainty trachten blouses, and choose from diverse color options; greens to blues, to purple and red checkered patterns. 

If you want to crank it up a notch, pair your beautiful Lederhosen with our ravishing dirndl blouses, creating a look to marvel. And if so, you want to slip on a completely casual look and want to bring your genuine Lederhosen in the broad spotlight, pair it with plain solid-color t-shirts. That will, without any doubt, compliment your look and combine with your holidayish personality. 

How can we forget about the crowning glory of every outfit? You guessed it right, kick off your shoes and let’s talk about... well, SHOES! 

Lederhosen are adaptable to any shoes you would want to pair with them. Pick out some handsome high-heels, or go for a sharp pair of block heels. And if you like tradition, go for traditional Bavarian shoes, choose from the hot brown color or the elegant black. Accessorize your shoes with matching Bavarian socks. Make your Oktoberfest outfit as traditional or as sassy as you want. 

Our Women’s lederhosen collection is explicitly designed to meet your unique Oktoberfest outfit needs. Our designers have done detailed research on the traditional origins of the Lederhosen products and their current fashion trends. We are bringing you a product that satisfies your vision. 

Your comfort value is our topmost priority while designing each of our products. We bring you a product that is up to your style, authentic and deep-rooted in its olden tradition. Our products certainly enrich the natural grace of the wearer.

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The Fit – The Women’s Lederhosen Outfit

Perfect sizing of your Lederhosen shall make you the star at this years’ Oktoberfest. So, pay maximum attention while choosing the size of your Lederhosen. We suggest opting for a body-hugging pair for a perfect look. Our products are made from genuine leather, so when you break into them, they naturally stretch out with your body heat as you sway. To that effect, our Lederhosen products are taut. Choose a product size that is a cozy fit for your first wearing. As you wear it, it will give you some room, especially around the buttocks and thighs. Although, the waistband won’t expand as such. 

Our selection of Lederhosen comes in a large number of sizes, so finding a product that fits you shall be easy. Our product size charts are carefully made and are thorough. Both EU and US size scales are available in our sizing charts. 

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How to care for Lederhosen

Lederhosen will create its character with time – a unique worn quality that cannot be penned. A value that can not be store-bought but has to be personally scored. Your Lederhosen doesn’t take to it badly, if you sweat a lot or put your artistic scratches or stains on it, with the scratches only increasing the uniqueness of your Lederhosen. 

We can picture your OCD kicking in – relax, Sis! 

If you are a clean freak Cinderella, you can clean the bits and creases of your Lederhosen quite easily. Use a leather brush on the stain – be tender. You can also use a leather eraser. 

Now, if the stain is big and bad, like a beer stain, use some gorgeous sparkling water with a mild round movement. If that doesn’t work for you, try out a professional leather cleaning service. Remember, a “Washing machine is a Lederhosen taboo.” Never put your gorgeous Lederhosen in a washing machine. 

Is your Lederhosen smelling a bit murky? Air them out in an open space or a large room properly. Keep in mind the Lederhosen are tough workwear; some wear and tear will only add to its beauty. 

Women’s Lederhosen – What’s Trending in 2021

Lederhosen have been traditional German-Bavarian outfits for centuries; however, their designs change and modify according to the latest fashion trends. 

Here are some latest trends to look for in your modern Lederhosen in 2021:

Eye-Catching Shorts – Teenier the better this year, including mid-length and thigh length Lederhosen shorts being in demand, especially for Oktoberfest. 

Chirpy Colors: As always, the traditional brown leather Lederhosen is in high demand, yet the latest trends carry some gorgeous substitutes. Dare to rock the Oktoberfest stage; choose a hot-pink or baby blue Lederhosen.

Elegant Embroidery: Alluring embroidery in Lederhosen is a big seller in 2021, with floral designs being the most popular. 

Make your Oktoberfest the best one yet, with our stunning products. 

Lederhosen Collection for Sale – Lederhosen Online Store

Women’s lederhosen collection at our online store is available for you to grab at fantastic sale prices. Our Lederhosen products are made from quality leather, stitched with precision to ensure your comfort. We carry products that are strapping yet gorgeous, making them perfect for your Oktoberfest look.

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