A Look down onto the Kids Lederhosen Costume

Kids Lederhosen

Bavarian Premier Markus Söder presented a pair of lederhosen for Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, then newborn child of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Soder stated on Twitter now X, “A real pair of Lederhosen, so that the Bavarian way of life may accompany the little one from the beginning.”  That's how important kids Lederhosen, or  “Krachlederne,” is in Bavarian culture.  Many people assume Lederhose is an old-fashioned rural costume. Despite originating in the rural Alps, the contemporary Lederhosen for boys was developed by the urban elites of Bavaria. Children's trachten shorts come in different styles varying in length, color, and embroidery. Pair with Bavarian accessories, a very voguish look could be created with the kids' leather pants. 

All About Kids Lederhosen

Children's Lederhosen is important in Bavarian culture due to its history, characteristics, and style as the other variants of Bavarian tracht. 

History of Children Lederhose

The traditional Bavarian attire originated in urban areas like Bavaria and Austria, not just in rural villages. While its roots trace back to clothing worn by peasants centuries ago, the contemporary version of leather pants emerged in cities as a reaction to the mass-produced clothing of the Industrial Revolution era. Towards the late 19th century, urban folk societies formed, championing these traditional garments and promoting national identity values.

Although initially more popular in cities, the costume eventually returned to rural regions as city dwellers vacationed in the countryside, sporting traditional clothing. Impressed by the vibrant attire, villagers began adopting and replicating it, making the costume a staple in festive wardrobes, including lederhosen for children "Krachlederne." 

Characteristics of Kids Leather Shorts

Lederhosen for kids have some definite characteristics that make them different from any leather trousers.

  • Bavarian kids' leather shorts are made from the real hide of deer, cow, or goat for resilience purposes.
  • These traditional children's trousers are often dyed black or brown and adorned with intricate embroidery. Brown is the traditional color and the first color in which the leather shorts were crafted.
  • They also typically feature a standout front bib or front flap, Hosentürl, a pocket on the right side, and a traditional hunting knife in Bavaria embellished with traditional motifs. 

Fun Fact: While black and brown are common, many other styles and colors, such as red, blue, green, white, and grey, are available for kids leather shorts.

Style Variations of Boys Lederhose 

Lederhosen shorts for kids have been handcrafted like adult ones for many years. Two main style variants in boys' lederhosen are still around today. 

Kurze Lederhose


This Trachten style features shorts that go down to the thigh. They were typically worn for work and hunting on regular days.

These lederhosen shorts have legs that reach just below the knee and are fastened with a leather strap. They were more commonly worn for special intimate occasions like weddings.

Accessories to Compliment Boys Lederhose

Traditional boys' lederhosen is often paired with additional accessories like knee-high cable knitted stockings. These stockings help keep the trousers in place by being pulled up over the knee, and the lederhosen is then tied over them to prevent slippage. While it was once customary to wear brogues with the lederhosen, this is no longer mandatory in modern times. A wide belt known as a "Ranzen" was worn once with traditional boys' lederhosen. Suspenders and simple trachten belts are more in style these days.

The Men lederhosen is reserved for special occasions like folk festivals, including the “Oktoberfest.” In certain German-speaking regions, kids' leather pants are still worn every day, especially in the southern areas. Traditional trousers for children are believed to have become more prevalent due to their comfort, practicality, durability, and stylish appearance.

Lederhosen for Kids as a Symbol of Heritage

Soder presenting kids' lederhosen to the Royal family indicates the importance of the kids' tracht in the Bavarian heritage. Children's leather trousers have a long history and have evolved like adult ones. Kids' leather breeches have unique features like leather crafting and traditional embroidery and are manufactured in specific colors. These leather pants are made in two style variants and complemented with the right set of Bavarian accessories. Oktoberfest for kids is incomplete without styling in their traditional Bavarian kids' leather shorts. 


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