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Lederhosen men collection offers a huge range of Bavarian costumes for Oktoberfest. Lederhosen outfits are made of genuine goatskin leather for durability and comfort and adorned with embroidered eagle and floral motifs.

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Experience Oktoberfest with our Exclusive Lederhosen Men Collection

Experience the traditional Bavarian culture and raise a stein at Oktoberfest in our exclusive range of lederhosen for men. The traditional Bavarian clothing features leather breeches in various styles, perfect fit sizes, and designs, glorifying your Oktoberfest experience. 

Our Bavarian Lederhosen men collection carries the vintage charm with its original cowhide, goatskin, and deerskin leather material. Swipe your cursor and choose from the unparalleled variety of shorts from our men Lederhosen Range.

German Lederhosen Origin

Lederhosen, the traditional Bavarian dress, was first worn in the 18th century by farmers and peasants in Bavaria and Austria to work in harsh weather. The durable and robust profile made the  Lederhosen men collection a functional outfit ideally suited for outdoor activities. It later gained popularity, becoming a unique Alpine fashion statement among the youngsters. Leather Pants were declared the official Oktoberfest outfit for men and have been an integral part of the culture ever since. 

Men’s Oktoberfest Collection That Lasts Generations

Our top-quality Lederhosen outfit for men is a one-time investment. We use high-grade deerskin and cowhide, which go through a tanning process, to produce authentic leather material. The experienced craftsmen use expert techniques and focus on attention to detail to create durable and long-lasting premium Lederhosen men pieces.

Our traditional Bavarian Lederhosen for men is specially treated with natural oils like neatsfoot and mink oil to provide flexibility and waterproofing, ensuring that men enjoy the best quality.. The excellent skin material allows for extended durability and avoids wrinkles and creases. 

Wear original lederhosen shorts and show off your manly style on any occasion, whether the Munich Oktoberfest or a casual evening. 

A Palette of Natural Leather Colors and Modern Shades

Leather develops a beautiful patina over time, making the surface shinier and the colors bold. At our online store, you can choose authentic lederhosen in various dark and light shades of brown and gray. Apart from the natural leather colors, the fabric is dyed in shades of black and green and double-shaded to ensure long-lasting and attractive colors. So whether you wear Lederhosen every day or only on festive occasions, the surface and color will only get better. 

Intricate Hand-Embossed Embroidery that Defines Your Unique Personality

The traditional German lederhosen male collection presents intricate embroidery that reflects our excellent craftsmanship. Our vast collection of Bavarian Lederhosen has everything you need, from classical designs that symbolize a specific meaning to modern contemporary embroideries for a personalized touch. 

You can express love with the Edelweiss embroidery pattern, a message of spirituality with the majestic stags, or honor the German heritage with the Bavarian coat of arms pattern.  

Our German attire for men carries the essence of Oktoberfest. Choose our embroidered Leather Pants to elevate your wardrobe with a touch of heritage incorporated with a modern flair. Explore our online lederhosen store now and discover the traditional Tracht.

Vintage Styles and Attention to Detail 

Our Bavarian Lederhosen shorts come in two primary styles, each reflecting the German culture:

  • The short knee-length shorts that fit snugly and are commonly worn by men at Oktoberfest are called Lederhosen.
  • The more extended version of Lederhosen, going slightly below knee-length, is called the Bundhosen.  

What makes our Lederhosen and Bundhosen gold standard is the hand-sewn stitching and embroidery, along with natural fiber lining with linen. The essence of authentic German heritage in every thread makes a garment you can wear with pride. 

The Stitching Masterclass:

  • Knife pockets, belt loops, and the front flap are reinforced with additional stitching for extra durability and traditional charm.
  • Seams are hand-sewn on thick material for increased strength.
  • The reversible stitching is done precisely for versatile styling.

Meticulous Details Adorn Every Piece:

  • A traditional, expertly designed pattern is followed when crafting every Lederhosen piece. 
  • Intricate hand-embossed embroidery. 
  • Beautiful embellishments like colorful ribbons and nickel-plated buttons.
  • Inner polyester lining for comfy, long-term wear.
  • Traditional Leather suspenders in matching embroidery.

Pay homage to the people of the Alps with our traditional German Lederhosen for men as you raise a stein at the Oktoberfest tents, swaying to the oompah music. Whether celebrating tradition or seeking comfort in your daily routine, our German traditional wear blends tradition with modern practicality. 

Complete Your Native Bavarian Look Pairing with Complementing Accessories

Follow Bavarian traditions by wearing authentic Bavarian outfits at Oktoberfest. Pair your lederhosen with a matching solid or checked shirt. Pull up your trousers with an X or Y-shaped suspender and set a traditional Bavarian hat on your head. Wear loferl socks and haferl shoes and walk past the beer tents looking like a true Alps native. 

How to Clean Lederhosen

Clean your lederhosen costume with high-quality cleaner. Use a sponge or cloth to remove the stains without causing the material to become stiff. If washing is required, use lukewarm water and hand rinse to maintain the authenticity of Bavarian Lederhosen.


Can non Germans Wear Lederhosen?

Lederhosen men outfits are authentic German costume that can be worn by foreigners as well at cultural events like Oktoberfest or Bavarian-themed parties. The key for non-Germans is to maintain the authenticity of lederhosen.

What Country Uses Lederhosen?

Lederhosen is worn in the Alpine regions, including Austria, Bavaria, Tyrol, Switzerland, and regions of Italy.

What are the Common Misspells for Lederhosen?

Lederhosen is commonly misspelled as leaderhosen, liederhosen, leiderhosen, or laderhosen. The correct Germen word is pronounced as “lay·duh·how·zn”.

Why do Men Wear Lederhosen?

Historically, Lederhosen or leather breeches were worn by the peasants in the Alpine regions. They later became the official Oktoberfest costume for men and are worn to embrace the Bavarian traditions.

What is the Best Material to Make Men’s Lederhosen?

Deerskin and goatskin leather are considered the best materials for making Lederhosen. This quality leather is used for its supple texture, durability, and comfort.

How Much Does the Lederhosen Costume Cost?

Our authentic German Lederhosen men outfit offers a range of affordable prices based on style and craftsmanship. We also offer a yearly sale before Oktoberfest to offer competitive prices.

What is the Purpose of Lederhosen?

Traditionally, Lederhosen was worn by the men in the Alpine regions as comfortable and tear-resistant workwear. Today, men's and women's Lederhosen are reserved for a festive costume, especially for Oktoberfest.