Women Lederhosen

Explore our women lederhosen collection to stand unique, breaking the traditional norms. Our Bavarian female lederhosen are made of genuine leather and adorned with classic German embroidery to keep your cultural roots alive during Oktoberfest. Pair a matching suspender to secure your attire, complementing with a classy socks.

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Classic Women Lederhosen for Oktoberfest

Buy womens lederhosen from our online store in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes.  We stay ahead of the fashion trends and have an exclusive range of leather breeches for females, as they are no longer limited to men.

Female lederhosen has its roots back to the 1800s when they were worn by the male working class in the Alpine regions. Women in lederhosen started appearing during Oktoberfest and other festivities to keep German traditions alive and make everyone inclusive. 

So, to continue the legacy in style, along with men’s lederhosen, we also offer women lederhosen shorts while maintaining the feminine charm in you. 

Material Details of Our Female Lederhosen Collection

Our market reputation among top Bavarian outfits online stores lies in the quality material and detailings we use in our outfits. Traditional women’s lederhosen is made from 100% original deer or goat leather. The premium full-grain leather keeps the lederhosen for women cool and ventilated.  

It comes with polyester lining to be friendly on your soft silky skin. These leather pants offer durability and style to women for Oktoberfest or any Bavarian-themed gathering. Feel the charm of a stylish and comfortable look with our traditional inverted stitching method. It helps to minimize uneven patches, making your outfit durable and long-lasting. 

Bavarian Embroidery and Color Detailings

Bavarian women's lederhose features hand-made embroidery detailings that are native to Alpine regions, such as Edelweiss flower and deer motifs. Each embroidered thread on the pockets and front flap shows our commitment to excellence. The Lederhosen costume for women comes in authentic leather colors, including brown and black, for a vintage feel with contrast embroidery to uplift the style game. Experience the spirit of rich traditions with a fancy dress that connects German culture with modern fashion.

Our Female Lederhosen Gives a Comfortable Fit

Our top priority is to provide customers with a German outfit that is comfortable and fits perfectly. The adjustable suspenders and waistband keep the Women's Lederhosen in position throughout the Oktoberfest dance and fun and allow a personalized fit. The authentic horn buttons ensure the secure attachment of braces to the breeches, adding to the snug fit style. With our range of sizes available for lederhosen, you can choose any costume according to your body preferences.

Break Stereotypes While Styling Lederhosen for Women

Dirndl seems too traditional? Style lederhosen with authentic German accessories and stand out at Oktoberfest. You can try a typical white blouse with women’s lederhosen or the classic checkered shirt. Pair Bavarian stockings, Haferl shoes, and an Alpine hat with them to complement your entire personality. Explore our Lederhosen sets for females to match the colors and styles and celebrate festivals with a captivating appearance. 

Versatility for Women On Various Occasions

Our Women’s Lederhosen range is versatile. You can use it not only for Oktoberfest but for other occasions, too. Experience everyday fashion with our ladies' iconic black and brown lederhosen variations. Order yours now and enjoy affordable female costumes with a quick delivery 


Can Women Wear Lederhosen at Oktoberfest?

The trend is shifting and you can see women wearing lederhosen along with men on German folk festivals and gatherings. So the costume is paving its way in contemporary fashion crossing gender boundaries. 

What is the Female Version of Lederhosen?

The female version of Lederhosen is called a "Lederhose" or "Lederrock." It's a skirt made from leather, resembling the traditional Lederhosen but tailored for women. However, most commonly, women wear Dirndls at Bavarian events, while Lederhose are primarily associated with men's attire.

Where to Buy Lederhose For Females?

Our online store offers a wide selection of genuine Female Oktoberfest Outfit and accessories ensuring you get the highest quality attire delivered to your doorstep.

Do Womens Lederhosen Provide a Secure Fit?

Our leather trousers feature an adjustable waistband at the back and vintage antler buttons for size adjustments. Wear suspenders to hold the attire up with their sturdy metal clasps and buttons. This ensures a secure, personalized fit so you can stroll freely on Munich grounds.