Lederhosen Skirt

Women’s lederhosen skirt collection features authentic goat or deerskin-made outfits for Oktoberfest. Traditional Lederhosen skirts are adorned with Bavarian eagle or deer motifs to impart authenticity. Choose the leather skirt with matching suspender and shirt to outclass the gathering.

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Women's Elegant Lederhosen Skirt for Oktoberfest

Drap yourself in a traditional Bavarian skirt made from premium leather. Find yourself emanating charm wearing our “lederhosen skirt.” The classic trachten women's skirt depicting the true Bavarian style is available in all the traditional lederhosen chromes from vintage browns to modern black. The embroidered motifs on the lengths of the leather skirt showcase the years-old history of Bavarian heritage.

Complete your Wiesn look by choosing the comfortable-fit German Lederhosen skirt available at “Lederhosens” in all small to plus size. Choosing the right size can be a hassle. But with our provided size-guide shop, the authentic leather-made skirt can easily be paired with the Bavarian Oktoberfest blouse. 

A Timeless Appeal of Premium Leather Skirt

The German leather skirt is made from different types of leather. To serve the sauve looks grab our traditional Bavarian skirts crafted from deerskin. For affordable yet equally ravishing looks the chamois-tanned goatskin lederhosen skirt is the best choice for all discerning women like you. Cowhide and suede are great budget-friendly alternatives to the Bavarian traditional lederhosen skirt. 

These lederhosen skirts are the representation of fine stitching, extreme comfort, and intricate design patterns. Stag, Edelweiss or oak leaves, all embroidered motifs are hand sewn to place every knot with accuracy.