Celebrations of Oktoberfest In Minnesota

Minnesota is located in a midwestern region of America bordering Canada and Lake Superior. This state has some of the most vibrant Oktoberfest celebrations in its different towns and cities. Among the top Oktoberfest celebrations is New Ulm, a city founded by German immigrants in 1854. Oktoberfest festivities extend beyond New Ulm, happening in St Pauls and many other cities. Breweries and towns across Minnesota host events featuring traditional food, music, and activities. All the celebrations offer a unique Oktoberfest flavor that suits every taste.

Locations of Oktoberfest Events in Minnesota

Some of the popular locations for celebrating Bavarian culture in Minnesota are:

  • New Ulm Oktoberfest: 2101 S Broadway St, New Ulm, MN 56073, United States
  • Twin City Oktoberfest: 1265 Snelling Ave N, St Paul, MN 55108, United States
  • St Paul Oktoberfest: 301 Summit Ave, St Paul, MN 55102, United States

Oktoberfest Minnesota History

Minnesota's Oktoberfest celebrations have a rich history interlinked with the state's significant German immigrant population. Starting in the mid-19th century, Germans became the largest immigrant group in Minnesota, bringing their brewing traditions and love for autumnal festivities. 

By the 1860s, Schell's Brewery, one of the oldest family-owned breweries in the US,  began hosting Oktoberfest events in New Ulm, a city founded by Germans. This tradition continues today, with New Ulm's Oktoberfest now a major celebration attracting visitors across the region. Following this tradition, numerous other communities, towns, and cities have hosted their own Oktoberfest events.

Some Major Oktoberfest Celebrations In Minnesota 

Minnesota has massive German Beerfest celebrations, with small and big events themed around OG Oktoberfest Munich. In a way, multiple celebrations give a chance to celebrate the Bavarian traditions in the neighborhood or even more than once if anyone wants to.

New Ulm Oktoberfest, Minnesota

The Oktoberfest New Ulm is held annually during the first two weekends of October.  This lively festival pays homage to the historic German traditions, offering a taste of Bavaria in the heart of the Midwest. Anyone attending the Beerfest in New Ulm can enjoy authentic German food, raise a stein of their favorite drinks, and entertain themselves with various activities. Lively music, yodeling contests, grape stomping, and cultural parades promise an unforgettable experience of German heritage.

Twin Cities Oktoberfest, Minnesota

The Twin Cities Oktoberfest is held annually and celebrates Bavarian culture right in the center of Minneapolis. This is a free-admission event that has many options for beers from local breweries alongside traditional German food like brats and pretzels. Traditional and modern music and entertainment keep the atmosphere lively. Games and competitions are a fun way to call it a celebration by winning a few prizes. Twin Cities Oktoberfest is definitely the way to enjoy the taste of Germany in the homeland!

St Paul Oktoberfest, Minnesota

St. Paul Oktoberfest is an undeniably fun way to celebrate German heritage. The Germanic-American Institute hosts its annual event, which features authentic German food, beer, and entertainment and is typically held over a weekend in September. For a more local take, Twin Cities Oktoberfest is all about brews and ciders from regional producers alongside German food and festivities. All the segments of the Beerfest allow you to enjoy Bavarian culture and autumn cheer.

Date and Time of Oktoberfest Minnesota

Oktoberfest in Minnesota is mainly held in late September or early October. Most events are run on weekends to celebrate German heritage, with a few one-day celebrations. It is best to look out for a celebration in the neighborhood to have fun without worrying about traveling far.

  • New Ulm Oktoberfest: October (four-day celebration)
  • Twin Cities Oktoberfest: October (two-day celebration)
  • St Paul  Oktoberfest: September (two-day celebration)

Oktoberfest Minnesota Tickets & Reservations

General admission is typically free, or tickets can be bought at the gate; some events within the festival may require separate ticketing. Specifics on ticketing and reservations for special events or seating within the festival tents are announced closer to the event date. To know all the details, the official Oktoberfest Minnesota website is recommended for the latest information and updates.

Dress Code for Oktoberfest Minnesota

There is no “strict dress code” for Oktoberfest Minnesota.”Wearing a Tracht is the best possible way to celebrate Bavarian tradition rightly. Dirndl for women and lederhosen for men are the traditional costumes worn at Beerfest Munich. Complimenting the Bavarian tracht with suitable accessories like a trachten shirt, suspenders, and Oktoberfest vest is a great way to look put together! For a more casual look, lederhosen can be worn with the polo shirt.

Minnesota Oktoberfest Food and Drink

Oktoberfest Minnesota promises to celebrate delicious food and refreshing drinks, both Oktoberfest special and local. The menu is packed with options for attendees with varied taste buds.

Classic Dishes

  • Burgers,
  • Ribeye, & Philly cheesesteak
  • Turkey legs
  • Pork chops
  • Rib sandwiches
  • Bratwurst 
  • Sausages
  • German potato salad
  • German brats
  • Schnitzel & gravy
  • Hand-cut french fries & cheese fries
  • Tenderloin
  • Chicken strip baskets
  • Corn dog


  • Apple dumplings
  • ice cream
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Cupcakes
  • cookies


  • Oktoberfest Beers (Spaten)
  • Non-Alcoholic options (lemonade, iced tea, hot chocolate, and soft drinks)
  • Sweet Sips (Italian ice, cotton candy, or a classic favorite - lemon shake-ups)

Oktoberfest in Minnesota Entertainment Options

Minnesota offers a vibrant scene for Oktoberfest celebrations. Minnesota Twin Cities Oktoberfest features live music, contests, and competitions to keep a family-friendly atmosphere alive. The historic Oktoberfest in New Ulm, which features traditional German entertainment and a stein-holding competition, has an option to suit every taste. Many festivals also include dachshund races, yodeling contests, and dance floors for polka enthusiasts, ensuring an entertaining and immersive Oktoberfest experience.

Tips For Enjoying Oktoberfest Minnesota Most

  • Lederhosen or a dirndl is the unofficial dress code for the Oktoberfest Minnesota.
  • Drink Oktoberfest beer responsibly, as it is stronger than usual beers.
  • Many vendors might not accept cards, so take cash along.
  • Pair the beer with delicious German sausages, pretzels, and potato dishes.
  • When sharing a spot with a German, clink the beer stein with “Prost!”
  • All the Minnesota events have different schedules, activities, and age restrictions.
  • Sing traditional German songs and dance to maximize the Beerfest fun.

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