Oktoberfest Event in New Hampshire

Oktoberfest in New Hampshire is enriched with community spirit and a love for German tradition. Held at various locations all over New Hampshire, this cultural event is free for the public and allows everyone to experience authentic German traditions, beer, bratwurst, Lederhosen, and more. 

The duration of the event varies every year according to the location. With various food options and family-friendly activities, this Oktoberfest is a perfect occasion to reconnect with friends while making the best memories. 

New Hampshire Oktoberfest Historical Background 

The roots of Oktoberfest in New Hampshire trace back to the late 20th century when German immigrants and local enthusiasts decided to recreate the festive atmosphere of Munich's famous event. The first Oktoberfest in the state was focused on traditional music, dance, food and held in community halls and parks.

One of the earliest and most significant contributors to the Oktoberfest beginning in New Hampshire was the German-American Society. Founded in 1964, the society decided to preserve and promote German culture through various events, including the Oktoberfest. With time, the popularity of this festival started growing, and multiple venues in NH started hosting their own Oktoberfest. These events are organized yearly with a local twist while staying true to the festival's Bavarian roots.

Oktoberfest Event Celebrations in New Hampshire 

The diverse Oktoberfest events across New Hampshire offer a range of experiences, from large-scale festivals to small community gatherings, all celebrating the rich cultural traditions of Germany. 

White Mountain Oktoberfest

Location: Loon Mountain Resort, Lincoln, NH
Dates: October 12-14 (Vary Every Year)

White Mountain Oktoberfest at Loon Mountain Resort is the largest celebration of German culture in New Hampshire. Set against the stunning backdrop of the White Mountains during peak fall foliage, this three-day event features a full range of cultural activities, including live Oompah music by the Eastern Sound Orchestra, traditional German food, and various seasonal beers from Samuel Adams. Visitors can participate in the Stein Carryin' & Keg Rollin' Relay, Keg Toss, and even try axe throwing. Besides, families can enjoy face painting, pretzel necklace making, and the Touch-a-Truck event. 

Redhook Brewery Oktoberfest

Location: Redhook Brewery, Portsmouth, NH
Dates: Typically late September or early October

Redhook Brewery Oktoberfest, held within the historic Pease International Tradeport, is among the most anticipated annual events across NH. This festival features an extensive selection of craft beers, inviting the imagination with many things, such as authentic German food, music, games, and much more. The fun activities are plentiful, from stein hoisting to the chicken dance and the guided brewery tours at this Oktoberfest. The event is not just about the beer; it is a community celebration and one of revelry that emphasizes German culture and tradition.

Anheuser-Busch Brewery Oktoberfest

Location: Anheuser-Busch Brewery, Merrimack, NH
Dates: Annually in October

The Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Merrimack hosts a lively Oktoberfest celebration each year. To visitors, the festival exudes the festive air of families and friends, with live music and traditional German fare, including an extensive sampling of Anheuser-Busch beers. The attendees can visit the brewery to learn about the brewing process and participate in various Oktoberfest-themed activities​. 

German American Society Oktoberfest

Location: EI Cajon, California
Dates: 2 Weekends in the last of September and the start of October (Dates Vary Every Year)

German American Society Oktoberfest is rich in tradition, offering classic German food, beer, and live music. The two weekends of genuine German festivities hosted by the German American Societies let you experience an authentic Munich's Oktoberfest in Southern California. You can enjoy delicious German cuisine and a wide selection of beer and liquors. The traditional folk dancing, choir performances, drama routines, stein-holding contests, and lively musical entertainment add to the festive atmosphere. There are games, contests, prizes, a Kid Zone, and numerous shopping booths in the patio "tent" for everyone to enjoy. 

Nashua Oktoberfest Bar Crawl 

Location: Nashua, NH, United States

Date: Saturday, September 28 (Date Varies Every Year) 

Experience a festive celebration of Bavarian culture, beer, and camaraderie in Savannah, Georgia, at an exciting Oktoberfest bar crawl. This exceptional event promises an unforgettable evening filled with authentic German beers, pretzels, and sausages. The setting will make you feel like you’re in Munich with lively oompah bands, Bavarian flags, and festive decorations. Whether you're a seasoned bar crawler or a first-timer, this Oktoberfest event guarantees nonstop fun and excitement.

Oktoberfest Portsmouth 

Location: The Portsmouth Guildhall

Dates: One-Day Event Held in September, October, or November 

The highly anticipated Oktoberfest in Portsmouth is a vibrant celebration of Bavarian culture. Visitors can enjoy lively oompah bands and live music, creating an authentic festive atmosphere. The event also features two-pint steins and ample bench seating to accommodate groups. Each ticket provides access to the expansive Oktoberfest venue, which includes a massive stage for performances, diverse entertainment options, and a well-stocked bar. Additionally, an outdoor Bavarian food area will offer a variety of traditional cuisine, ensuring a complete cultural immersion for all guests.

New Hampshire Oktoberfest Fun Activities & Features

Here are the main activities and features of the Oktoberfest New Hampshire:

Live Musical Shows: Traditional German Oompah bands and local musicians perform live in different styles to fill the environment with joy and festivity.

Beer Gardens: Beer Gardens features an excellent selection of seasonal beers, ranging from traditional Märzen lagers to local craft brews.

Fun Activities: Kids' activities include face painting, pumpkin decorating, inflatable bounce houses, and mini carnival rides. There is surely something for just about any family member to be involved in.

Traditional Games: Get in on the action with Stein Holding, Keg Toss, and Stein Carryin' & Keg Rollin' Relay, among other conventional Oktoberfest games.

Gondola Rides: Scenic gondola rides up Loon Peak display radiant fall foliage and offer a stunning background view for the Oktoberfest celebrations.

Pretzel Necklaces: Purchase items to assemble pretzel necklaces. Supporting local funds will add some excitement and interaction to the party.

New Hampshire Oktoberfest Food and Beverages

At NH Oktoberfest, you can experience an authentic German flavor through various delicious dishes and local tastes. 

Bratwurst: A sausage made of pork or veal and seasoned with spices. Mostly, they come with sauerkraut and mustard on a fresh bun.

Pretzels: No trip to Oktoberfest would be complete without these delicate, soft, and warm twists of dough tied into knotted shapes, baked to a golden brown, and offering a chewy texture with a salty finish.

Schnitzel: This food is made of breaded and deep-fried pork or chicken cutlets. It is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Very frequently, it comes with potatoes and a slice of lemon.

Sauerkraut: A slightly sour-tasting, vaguely fermented cabbage preparation, which is usually served as a side dish to sausages and other meats in Germanic cuisine.

Apple Strudel: A dessert. This pastry is filled with spiced apples, sweetly making your way with one of the most excellent and sweet ways to end your meal.


Seasonal Beers: At New Hampshire Oktoberfest, there are seasonal beers, from the traditional Märzen-style lagers, slightly sweet in their maltiness, to many others. From pumpkin ales to local craft brewery Oktoberfest specials, the best of the season brews can be found here.

Imported Beers: This includes the local offerings, which can be found almost everywhere in the country. A few places also offer some imported Bavarian beers. The well-known ones are Hofbräu and Spaten.

Shandies and Ciders: This is great for those seeking something a little less heavy on the tasting adventure; shandies are a favorite. 

Non-Alcoholic Options: Root beer and other soft drinks are available for younger attendees and those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages. 

New Hampshire Oktoberfest Tickets & Bookings

The event is free to attend, but certain activities and food and beverage purchases will require payment. Some venues also offer VIP tickets to access unique experiences and hassle-free seating. It's advisable to check the official websites of every venue for up-to-date information and book accommodations early, as the area can get quite busy during this popular event. 

New Hampshire Oktoberfest Dress Code 

For New Hampshire Oktoberfest, men are encouraged to wear Bavarian lederhosen, knee-length leather shorts with suspenders or belts. Women can wear dirndls, traditional Bavarian dresses featuring a bodice, blouse, full skirt, and apron with the apron knot. However, the dress code is not mandatory, as you can customize your look according to your comfort and style preferences. 

Important Tips for New Hampshire Oktoberfest

  • Cash is Important: Carry some cash, as not all vendors may accept credit or debit cards. It’s useful for food stalls, games, and quick purchases. 
  • Parking: Arrive early, as the parking space is limited and fills up quickly. Public transportation or ride-share options that are available can be considered.
  • Consider your comfort: Wear comfortable clothes, shoes, and socks for all events and walks. Pack layers, as fall weather can easily go from warm to chilly.
  • Keep Hydrated: Drink glasses of water between each alcoholic drink to stay hydrated and maintain your pace throughout the day.
  • Plan in Advance: Check the program ahead of time to find your favorite shows and activities.


Is Oktoberfest New Hampshire family-friendly?

Yes, Oktoberfest NH offers numerous family-friendly activities, including games, face painting, and pumpkin decorating, making it enjoyable for all ages​. 

Can I bring my pet to the festival?

Pets are generally not allowed at the Oktoberfest to ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees. Service animals are usually permitted. 

Are outside food and beverages allowed at Oktoberfest New Hampshire?

Outside food and beverages are typically not permitted to maintain quality and safety standards. However, you can enjoy the variety of food and drinks at the festival. 


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