The Essential Guide to Dirndl Accessories

Essential Guide to Dirndl Accessories

Are you getting ready to attend the upcoming Oktoberfest? If so, you know that nailing the perfect outfit and accessories is the key. Hang on tight as we're about to dive into a world of unique and fascinating dirndl accessories. Let's find out how these small additions can take your classic dirndl to a whole new level!

What are Oktoberfest Celebrations?

Oktoberfest is a Bavarian festival celebrated globally to honor the fall season and beer culture. The fun includes wearing traditional attire, like dirndls for women and lederhosen for men. Additionally, you can brush up your appearance with elegant accessories if you really want to stand out and let your personality shine!
The correct accessories may make or break your look when it comes to costumes for Oktoberfest. Whether you're trying for a classic look or something more avant-garde, your dirndl will seem more stylish if your outfit includes a few standout elements.

Accessories for Traditional Oktoberfest Dirndl Dress 

Floral hats
Early in the 19th century, women in Bavaria started the custom of donning floral crowns at Oktoberfest. This custom of wearing floral crowns gained popularity because of the festival. Today, women wear flowers in their hair as a representation of their femininity and divine beauty.

The flower crown represents Bavarian culture and is a means for ladies to express their unique style and attractiveness. Such colorful and intricate flower-based headpieces are loved by women of all ages and origins.

Style your hair with Swiss or French braids, or any other hairdo that goes with your face and Dirndl outfit. A headgear with features like flowers, pins or feathers is the ideal option to add something to finish off your outfit.

Traditional Alpine hat
Men typically wear a simple hat with a rope attached at the base with pins. At the side of the crown, they usually have a collection of feathers, flowers, or "brush". Long ago, when hunters would take a feather from their capture and place it on their hat, the custom of wearing feathers in the hat was born. The better the hunter, the larger and more ornate the feather.

The hats worn by women are modern. They are made of wool, felt, or straw. They decorate these lovely hats with delicate pins, buttons, and ribbons, flowers, and feathers.

Another popular trend is to keep pins you've collected during vacations on your hat. Various places, especially Germany, have tiny stands where you can purchase pins that you can display on your hat.

Personalized clothing pins, Wiesn Grupperl

These charming clothes pins are a wonderful way to give your dress a little extra personality and flare. Ones with typical Bavarian patterns or even engraved with a person's name are available.

In the US, you won't see many people wearing them at Oktoberfest celebrations, but in Munich, they are very common! These pins are available at several booths at the Wiesn. You can buy pins with personalized messages carved on them. To remember the trip, people frequently choose their names, nicknames, or something like "Oktoberfest 2023."

Bracelets and Necklaces

Jewelry includes charm bracelets, brooches, statement necklaces, and earrings. The best way to glam up your look is to wear appropriate jewelry. If you're looking for a particularly adorable and a unique piece of jewelry, consider wearing Pretzel or Edelweiss jewelry!

Remember that your blouses and corset will highlight your neckline when you wear a fashionable necklace. It's the ideal chance to wear a necklace that holds special meaning for you or is simply stunning.

Lebkuchen Herz'l

Oktoberfest and other celebrations frequently feature Lebkuchen Herz'l, a typical German gingerbread cookie. These heart-shaped biscuits have icing and colorful decorations, as well as messages or greetings, and many wear them with dirndls.

They have honey or molasses as sweeteners and contain a mixture of spices, including cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Lebkuchen Herz'l have a soft, chewy texture and a rich, aromatic flavor. However, most locals advise against using them as snacks and instead suggest using these cookies for decoration purposes.

Charivari Chains

Consider wearing a decorative chain of charms and trinkets called a charivari to spice up your traditional german oktoberfest dress. Depending on the theme, the charivari chain includes a variety of symbolic charms, including money, deer antlers, and edelweiss flowers.

Charivaris, which can be fastened to the front of the braces or the waistline, are usually worn with German dresses like lederhosen. You can attach these to the bodice or waistline of the apron to beautify your dirndls.

Right innerwears

Don't forget to wear a push-up bra and a high-quality Dirndl petticoat. We assure you that the petticoat makes moving about simpler.

Depending on the style of shoes you picked, carry a striking Dirndl clutch and complete your appearance with some dress socks.

Things to avoid at Oktoberfest

When dressing for Oktoberfest, there are some accessories and pieces of clothing you should stay away from. They're awful and can easily offend true Bavarians. Try to avoid the following:

  1. Hats labeled as "ironic": the hats say it all. Don't wear ridiculous headgear shaped like a beer bottle or a roasted chicken.
  2. Bulky shoulder bags: While there is nothing wrong with carrying a backpack, an Oktoberfest-themed one is simply too huge and you won't be allowed entry. It can be a tad bulky and hide your dirndl detailing. Choose a purse like our cocoa purse that is more appealing!
  3. T-shirt with a print: Guys, please dress appropriately or don't. Do not wear t-shirts or aprons with printed suspenders or other trachten designs. Avoid wearing silly beer t-shirts. It's almost insulting.

Start accessorizing your traditional German Oktoberfest Dress

Now that you know exactly how to style the Oktoberfest clothing, you will surely get the eyeballs on this beer festival. Get your hands  on the best dirndl dresses and lederhosen from our authentic trachten dress collection. You can accessorize Oktoberfest clothing from colorful hats to bold jewelry.

Just Follow your gut and do what looks nice on you, girl.


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