How to Hold an Oktoberfest Party

How To Hold An Oktoberfest Party

Oktoberfest is a world-renowned beer festival, but for Germans, it’s not just a festival but a wholesome feeling that connects to their cultural heritage. The best part is this festival holds everything to feel like it’s all about the traditions. But for any reason, you can’t make up to the Oktoberfest. You can always do an Oktoberfest party, but before you plan, you should know how to hold an Oktoberfest party

We will give you key pointers to plan your Oktoberfest party step by step, from choosing the right decor to serving delicious German food. Let’s dive in!

How to Plan your Oktoberfest Party

Everyone wants to throw a memorable party, and when it comes to Oktoberfest, the party name says it all. So careful planning is important. Consider the following points:

Select Date and Venue

Choose a date and venue suitable for you and your guests. Moreover, it is important to plan according to the weather conditions. If you are planning it outdoors, plan a backup in bad weather conditions.

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Send Invitations

Send out the invitations in advance so they can commit and take off from their routine to attend your Oktoberfest party. Moreover, when you send invitations, ask them to wear traditional German Premium  Lederhosens and Dirndl Dresses.


The music at your Oktoberfest party should feature German folk music and popular tunes. In addition, if you can manage a live band or DJ at the party, it’s an add-on to the festival atmosphere.


Plan activities for everyone, like a pretzel-eating contest, stein-holding competition, or beer pong to entertain your guests.


Oktoberfest Party Decorations 

By creating an ambiance like Oktoberfest, you can craft decor ideas on your own: 

  • Bavarian Flags: Hang Bavarian flags at different stations to set the mood. You can also add blue and white streamers to mimic the colors of the Bavarian flag. 
  • Beer Steins: Add table decorations or beer steins as centerpieces. Fill it with fresh flowers or pretzels to give an extra touch to your party decor.  
  • Beer Garden Tables: You must rent out or buy a wooden table with benches to copy the idea from the original Oktoberfest beer garden. Also, do not forget to add a checkered tablecloth to the wooden table
  • String Lights: It’s additional to hang a light string to create an aesthetic look if you want to continue the party till evening. 

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Oktoberfest Party Planning Timeline

We have curated a planning chart for you to ease your planning strategies with these key pointers:

 Months Before Tasks
3-4 Months Choose a date and venue
Create and send out invitations
Decide on the party theme and decor
Start planning the menu and drink options
Book necessary entertainment
Consider party favors and prizes
2 Months Confirm RSVPs and finalize guest list
Order decorations, tableware, and supplies
Plan and purchase activities and games
Arrange transportation if necessary
1 Month Test any games and activities
Conform catering & food preparation plans
Ensure seating arrangements
Prepare a detailed schedule for the day
2 Weeks Purchase food and beverages
Set up a designated area for the party
Create a backup plan for bad weather
1 Week Decorate the venue
Set up the sound system and music playlist
Gather all materials and supplies

Sum up 

We have mentioned every small detail on how to hold an Oktoberfest party on your own. The key is perfect planning. Planning is everything. However, do extensive research for suitable budgets if you want to save some money.

Otherwise, plan properly and implement on time as per our chart above. We are sure that it would work great. Furthermore, look at the Lederhosens to get pure Lederhosens for your event!



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