Music at Oktoberfest: Some Popular Tunes to Prepare For

Music at Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is one of the biggest festivals in Bavaria and maybe the whole world. Every year, many people attend the festival, most of them being tourists who increase revenue and help the economy.

Other than the main event in Bavaria, many small-scale Oktoberfest celebrations are organized worldwide. The event's main attractions are the beer, the food, and the music.  In this blog, we will explore some popular music played at the event. So, buckle up your authentic lederhosen to embrace this happening ride ahead.

Brief Background of Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest is nothing but ancient. It first took place on October 12th, 1810. Celebrations at that time were to mark the marriage of King Louis 1. The event included celebrations and parades of all kinds.

The first Oktoberfest lasted for more than five days and ended with a grand parade. The event soon became a yearly occurrence while expanding simultaneously each year. In 1811, the parade was combined with an agricultural fair, then in 1818, everything changed. That was the year when a wealthy man decided to upscale the event and make it a bigger attraction than it was already.

He established temporary structures that were to be used as food and beverage stands and to increase the event's appeal and revenue. Soon these temporary food stalls were taken over by huge beer halls, which became the event's icon.

The arena has 12 huge halls with capacities to seat more than six thousand people each. Upwards of 6 million people attend the event every year, dressed in their traditional lederhosen and authentic attire , most of whom are tourists and play an important part in the country’s economy. More than 75,800 hectoliters of beer are sold at the event, which generates huge revenue for the betterment and sustenance of the event.

Songs at Oktoberfest

Here is a list of some important and popular songs played at the Oktoberfest:

I Salute You (Ein Prosit):

The song on the top of our list is "Ein Prosit, " translated as "I Salute You." This is the most popular and easiest song at the festival. It is played every 15 minutes in all the beer tents. The main idea of this song is to be happy at the moment and enjoy it with the people around you. The song proceeds and encourages everyone to take a drink. It is believed that the song is played four times an hour to encourage beer consumption and fun.

The Flyer Song (Fliegerlied)

The song, also known as "Today Is Such A Beautiful Day" and popularly known as the "Flyer Song," was released in 2008. In the same year, famous singer Tim Toupet released a cover of the song, making it an integral and important part of the festival. The song describes a man lying in the green pastures when a plane flies overhead.

The plane takes him into the world of imagination, where he thinks of ways to go to his loved ones and spend this beautiful day with them. The song is important because of the dance associated with it. If you do not know the steps, no need to worry; observe the Germans dancing, twirling in their authentic lederhosen, and you will learn it in no time. 

Hey Baby – If You'll Be My Girl
This already popular American song became well-known in Germany after Otzi, an Austrian DJ, released a remix of the song in 2000. Since then, it has become an important and well-loved part of the Oktoberfest. This song is a blessing for the bands as they do not have to pay anything; the halls, full of men's lederhosen and women's dirndls, erupt in the chants of "Hey Baby" on their own making it harmonious.


Fun fact: Hulapalu meant nothing in any language and was just a word uttered by the song writer's girlfriend. Unknown to her, her choice of words became a perfect part of a popular song. Hulapalu has the best hook of any song played at the festival. This is the most fitting song to dance to and let loose, giving your lederhosen men the moves they need.

Country Road

Did you know? Country Roads' writer and singer John Denver's real name is Henry John Deutschendorf, making him a German. The song "country roads" is big at Oktoberfest and so is the singer. Several covers of this song have been released, but none are up to par with the original. There are a lot of memories and sentiments related to this song, making it a good fit for the festival.

Sweet Caroline

The last song on our list is Neil Diamond's mega-hit "Sweet Caroline", the song talks about a young Caroline riding a bike and is known by everyone in the tents. This song was also remixed by DJ Otzi in 2009, making it a good fit for the Bavarian festival.


So, these were some important songs played at the Oktoberfest. The ranking is not based on the popularity or appeal of the song, but rather the attendees’ opinions. We hope the guide helped you in one way or another. Now, pack your Lederhosen for the next time. See you soon.

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