Hotels in Munich Near Oktoberfest: The Best Hotels in Walking Distance 2024

Best hotel for Oktoberfest

As Oktoberfest approaches, Munich's hotel industry prepares for another busy season. More than two-thirds of Oktoberfest visitors stay at nearby hotels, giving the hotel industry a proper financial boost. The Theresienwiese (Oktoberfest ground) is surrounded by numerous noteworthy places to find ideal hotels. To make your stay memorable and stay as close to the Oktoberfest grounds as possible, we have compiled a guide to the best hotels at the places surrounding Oktoberfest.

While travelers visit for the sake of Oktoberfest, the vibrant Bavarian capital attracts them with its cobblestone streets, iconic landmarks, and tapestry of diverse neighborhoods, ensuring an extended tour. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned explorer, discover the top five premier areas and the finest hotels Munich offers.

Best Hotels at the Top 5 Places Near Oktoberfest, Munich

Here are the top 5 places near Oktoberfest and the best hotels at each:

1- Old Town Hall - The Heart of Munich 

Munich's Old Town is the city's central point, at a feasible walking distance from Oktoberfest and close to other notable landmarks. The Altstadt blends Bavarian culture and history, iconic landmarks, and cobblestone streets. This makes it an excellent spot for first-timers, who can enhance their Oktoberfest experience by exploring other significant attractions like Marienplatz, Frauenkirche, and the Viktualienmarkt. You can make your visit one to remember by trying out traditional Bavarian cuisine at the legendary Hofbräuhaus München beer palace. 

  • Best Luxury Hotel: Mandarin Oriental
  • Best Mid-Range Hotel: Hotel Torbräu
  • Best Budget Hotel: Hotel MIO by AMANO

2- Maxvorstadt - A Cultural Hub for Art Enthusiasts

Distanced just 2 km from the Oktoberfest grounds, Maxvorstadt is Munich's cultural capital that beckons with a local feel and easy museum access. Explore attractions like the Alte Pinakothek, Pinakothek der Moderne, and Museum Brandhorst. Maxvorstadt is a Lively place filled with locals and students boasting a vibrant café, bar, and restaurant scene. You can use the subway to travel from Maxvorstadt to Oktoberfest, which costs around 3€-5€. The distance can also be covered on foot with an easy walk. While at Maxvorstadt, don't miss the historical Königsplatz or the Lost Weekend to taste Munich's authentic charm.

  • Best Luxury Hotel: Rocco Forte The Charles Hotel
  • Best Mid-Range Hotel: AdvaStay by KING's
  • Best Budget Hotel: Augusten Hotel München

3- Schwabing - Romantic Vibes and Bohemian Charm

Schwabing, a former haunt of artists and writers, exudes a bohemian vibe and is ideal for couples. It is 5km from Oktoberfest, and the best way to travel is through the subway, which takes around 17 minutes and costs 2€-4€. With the English Garden and Müncheners enjoying terrace meals, it's a perfect blend of romance and vibrancy. 

  • Best Luxury Hotel: Das Nikolai Hotel
  • Best Mid-Range Hotel: Schwabinger Wahrheit by Geisel 
  • Best Budget Hotel: Gästehaus der Katholischen Akademie in Bayern

4- Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt - A Haven for Café Lovers and Oktoberfest Enthusiasts

Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt is the best option as it has Oktoberfest grounds. But as mentioned before, with transportation hassles off your shoulders, you’ll have to face noisy crowds, high prices, and a lack of availability. But if you get an ideal deal in the Ludwigsvorstadt-isarvorstadt neighborhood, it offers a year-round haven with its mix of cafes, boutiques, and cultural hotspots. Enjoy a stroll along the picturesque Isar River in your free time and discover hidden gems like Diba Café Bar for a cozy and local experience.

  • Best Luxury Hotel: Sofitel Munich Bayerpost
  • Best Mid-Range Hotel: Excelsior by Geisel
  • Best Budget Hotel: Euro Youth Hotel Munich

5- Au-Haidhausen - Tranquil Retreat for Families

Au-Haidhausen, dating back to the 800s, offers a tranquil yet trendy residential experience. This neighborhood boasts the Maximilianeum and Gasteig Philharmonic Hall, which is ideal for families and provides a perfect blend of greenery and cultural experiences. Distanced about 3 km from Oktoberfest, you can enjoy a tram ride to the festival grounds, costing 2€-4€. Enjoy a traditional meal at Biergarten am Muffatwerk and relax at Isarstrand, a delightful city beach.

  • Best Luxury Hotel: Hilton Munich City
  • Best Mid-Range Hotel: Novotel München City
  • Best Budget Hotel: Motel One München

The Downsides of Booking a Hotel Near Oktoberfest

While it may sound feasible to book a hotel near the Oktoberfest grounds, there are a few downsides. The only benefit is saving on transportation, as you can also take a drunken stroll back to your room. 

  • Most Oktoberfest hotel bookings end by March. Even at official booking sites, most of the best hotels near Oktoberfest are booked months before the event starts. 
  • With such high demand come even higher prices. Oktoberfest is the peak profit time for the hotels surrounding Theresienwiese. As the quality of hotels increases, the prices go from high to absurd.  
  • Oktoberfest has the noisiest neighborhood. With an average of 6 million visitors each year, the population of Munich increases fourfold during the Wiesn. While you’re involved in celebrations inside Oktoberfest, you can imagine the noise of the crowd in the neighborhood.

Conclusion: Best Munich Hotels Near Oktoberfest

With its diverse neighborhoods and world-class hotels, Munich invites you to explore its rich cultural history and modernity. Each area presents a unique experience tailored to your preferences and budget. While availability, price, and neighborhood noises are hassles, keep your Bavarian lederhosen outfit ready, and don't let the opportunity slip if you find a perfect hotel deal near Oktoberfest. 


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