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Short Lederhosen for Men – Oktoberfest Outfits 

Let’s discuss in detail, Lederhosen shorts vs. pants.

‘Krachlederne’ (leather shorts) or the famously known short Lederhosen have been an integral part of Bavarian clothing for centuries. Lederhosen for men are available in both short-length or knee-length that are sometimes called lederhosen pants. The shorter-length articles are known as short Lederhosen. Traditionally knee-length articles were used for festivities and were part of a man’s daily workwear. The Lederhosen shorts were revered for their easy-going cuts; they were practical for hunting and working in the fields with shorter trouser length.

Alpine cattlemen and locals always wore short Lederhosen in their daily life. The lederhosen shorts are made out of soft, fluid genuine leather, either from a deer, a cow, or a mountain goat. Traditionally Lederhosen came in classic brown color. Our unique collection of short lederhosen colors ranges from light brown to catchy hazelnut brown, the cheeky walnut brown, and the smooth black. Antique brown Lederhosen colors carry a unique charm to them and will give your Lederhosen a sought-after authentic vintage look.

Vintage or trendy, what’s your Oktoberfest look? Order your Lederhosen now.

Buy Short Lederhosen – A Classic Outfit 

Lederhosen are associated with old-school and cultural image – yodelers and folk dancers. In reality, Lederhosen were created out of necessity to cater to the needs of poor laborers in the olden days. 

The trousers are cut short - above or over the knee, making it easy to move around with minimum interference from trouser legs. As lesser material is required for short Lederhosen, the clothing was made a bit more affordable. 

Authentic Bavarian breeches can be paired with our checkered or plain shirts. You can also sport the ensemble with a pair of authentic lederhosen shoes from our endless variety, featuring intricate embroidery with side laces. Don’t forget to try out our traditional Oktoberfest vests and waistcoats.

 Plan your Oktoberfest look with us. We love to make you happy!

Short Lederhosen for Sale – The Modern Look

Lederhosen have claimed their spot in the fashion scene – specifically the short ones, which make the wearer look classic as well as suave. As a traditional German-Bavarian outfit, Short Lederhosen goes well with authentic Bavarian shirts, checkered shirts, to be specific. Pairing your Lederhosen with plain shirts or plain white shirts brings out the natural beauty of the striking leather garment. 

Hip men now combine their trendy Lederhosen with t-shirts or polo-shirts. Also, if you are a fan of rock culture, pair your Lederhosen with a sporty denim jacket or a leather jacket. 

The outfit could be made more elegant with a cardigan, which you can wear over your plain color shirt. Combine this look with authentic Bavarian socks that go over your calves or knees. Complete it with traditional boots or suede trainers. 

You can accessorize your look with a traditional hat and some male jewelry. Attach your jewelry to the flap of shorts, or if you want a more casual look, attach it to the side of the Lederhosen.

So many options to choose from, what are you waiting for?

Product Fit – Custom made Fitting

Valuing your shopping experience with us, we have put a lot of thought into our product sizes and fit. The most treasured attribute of high-quality leather is its durability and comfort. Keep in mind that these German leather shorts are made from refined natural leather; they have a tighter fit initially, so we advise customers to buy 1 size up than what standard jeans size they wear. After you break into your Lederhosen, its size will widen a bit and will cozy up around the shape of your body. Please refer to our detailed size chart for a complete size guide before you place your order.

Our Lederhosen are slightly short (knee-length) for a person with 6 feet height and somewhat longer for a shorter height.

A beautiful product that’s Truly Yours.

Short Lederhosen Suspenders – Look and Fit

Our Lederhosen products come with adjustable suspenders. The suspenders are beautifully designed with embossed and highlighted elaborate embroidery on the H-suspenders, the knife pocket, drop fly, and the trouser legs.

To determine the length you need to order, and please measure from your waist front, up over the shoulder to the side on the back. Lederhosen rise higher than regular pants; do refer to our size charts for further details.

Enjoy our short lederhosen sale items at amazing prices.