Celebrations of Oktoberfest in Connecticut

Connecticut Oktoberfest kicks off every year from September 17th to October 3rd at different locations. Here, you can celebrate authentic German culture with food, beer, live entertainment, fun games, and much more. These events bring together local communities for an incredible experience suitable for all ages. 

How Oktoberfest in Connecticut Started?

The tradition of Connecticut Oktoberfest draws its inspiration from the original Munich Oktoberfest, which began on October 12, 1810, as a public celebration of a royal wedding. The Connecticut version of this folk festival started somewhat 19 years ago by Hamden Knights of Columbus Lodge. These events started gaining popularity in various Connecticut towns, with numerous local communities and organizations hosting their own versions annually, typically from late September through early October. Each CT Oktoberfest location aims to recreate the communal and festive spirit of the original Munich event. 

Oktoberfest Locations in Connecticut

  1. Two Roads Brewing Company’s Ok2berfest - 1700 Stratford Ave, Stratford. 
  2. Connecticut Brewfest - Connecticut Convention Center, 100 Columbus Blvd, Hartford, CT
  3. Bethel Downtown Oktoberfest - Broken Symmetry Gastro Brewery, 5 Depot Place, Bethel
  4. Oktoberfest Milford - Shipyard Lane, Milford, CT, United States, Connecticut
  5. Oktoberfest at Quassy - At Quassy Amusement Park, Middlebury
  6. Oktoberfest Fairfield - FTC and Sanford Street Lots
  7. Harugari Oktoberfest - German American Club Facility in West Haven 

Biggest Oktoberfest Celebrations in Connecticut

There are numerous versions of Oktoberfest in CT, which feel like a Bavarian fall festival with many festivities. Here are the top Connecticut Oktoberfest events, from large to small, where you can raise glasses and experience the spirit of authentic Oktoberfest. 

Two Roads Brewing Company’s Ok2berfest

The Annual Ok2berfest at Two Roads Brewing Company is set for September 16th and 17th. It features a German-themed beerfest with live music, traditional foods, and various competitions. Highlights of the event include the Stein-Holding Contest and Bratwurst Eating Challenge, with various activities to engage in fun activities like a German Spelling Bee, Lumberjack Competition, and Pretzel Tossing. The event promises a vibrant celebration of German culture with activities spread across multiple stages over the two days.

Connecticut Brewfest

The Annual CT Beer Fest showcases the largest selection of craft beer from Connecticut at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. It features an early entry for VIP ticket holders, with perks like special beers and complimentary tasting glasses. General Admission provides access starting at 1:00 PM, including tasting glasses. The event is strictly for individuals 21 years and older. Tickets can be purchased online until the night before the event or at the door, with options to upgrade to VIP. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at the venue.

Bethel Downtown Oktoberfest 

Bethel Downtown Oktoberfest is a one-day event hosted by Broken Symmetry, which offers a delightful experience blending German festivities with local charm. The event features fantastic German lagers, local food vendors, and live music, ensuring an unforgettable family day out. Held at Broken Symmetry Brewpub, the main highlights of the event include a variety of games such as golf putting, cornhole, stein holding, and a brat-eating contest. 

Oktoberfest Milford 

The Milford Oktoberfest is a cultural annual celebration that allows you to enjoy many German-themed festivities, live music, traditional dances, and a selection of food and beer. The main events of this CT Oktoberfest include a brat-eating contest, a costume competition, and a stein-holding contest. The festival entertains and supports a good cause, as all earnings are directed towards scholarships, local Milford community programs, and international Rotary projects like polio eradication and providing clean water. 

Qussay Oktoberfest 

Spanned over two days, Oktoberfest in Qussy is a family-friendly event featuring live music, German-themed foods, and a variety of games and competitions. Visitors can buy all-day ride passes, pre-sale meals, and beverage discounts online. The festival combines amusement park fun with traditional Oktoberfest activities in a scenic lakeside setting. 

Oktoberfest Fairfield

Fairfield, Connecticut, hosts its one-day Oktoberfest in partnership with the Parks & Recreation Department, Experience Fairfield, and Fairfield Theatre Company. The event lets you experience live music from Alligator and the Benny Mikula Band, as well as activities like axe throwing and cornhole. Visitors to Fairfield Oktoberfest can enjoy beer and local food trucks and purchase commemorative steins and t-shirts. This festive gathering aims to bring the community together for an afternoon of enjoyment. 

Harugari Oktoberfest 

The Harugari German-American Club in West Haven, Connecticut, celebrates German heritage through various cultural events, including Oktoberfest. The club focuses on preserving German customs and offers a welcoming atmosphere where members engage in traditional activities like song, dance, and dining. Their annual Bierfest features the Joe Eckner Biergarten and provides a venue for community gatherings. Since 1875, the club aims to celebrate a sense of community through its traditional festival gatherings. 

Connecticut Oktoberfest Tickets & Booking 

The tickets for CT Oktoberfest are provided by the individual event organizer at the specific location. Some of these events, such as local breweries or community centers, are free to enter, while others require you to reserve seating earlier, usually weeks in advance.

You can get the tickets online from the official website of the specific location. For some venues, such as Quassy Amusement Park and the Hartford Saengerbund, attendees can enjoy discounts or package deals on booking tickets earlier. Some venues also offer VIP seating that you can book to have more diverse, relaxed, and upscale experiences. 

Dress Code for Oktoberfest in Connecticut

Wear traditional Bavarian Lederhosen and dirndl dress at Oktoberfest in Connecticut to fully immerse yourself in German culture. However, it is not mandatory to wear German clothing, and you can wear anything that goes well with your unique style and comfort level. Make sure to check the Connecticut weather earlier to dress up accordingly so that you can enjoy the festivities with ease. 

Entertainment Activities at CT Oktoberfest Events 

Oktoberfest in Connecticut offers many fun activities and features allowing you to experience the true spirit of German culture within family-friendly settings. 

Live Music and Dance Performances: Events showcase a variety of bands playing traditional German music and modern tunes, inviting visitors to fully indulge in the festive atmosphere.

Beer Tasting: Central to Oktoberfest, beer tasting from local and international brewers is a major attraction, offering diverse flavors and styles unique to the festival.

Games and Competitions: From stein hoisting contests to pretzel tossing, games engage participants in friendly competition and fun, often with prizes for winners.

Cultural Displays: Parades, costume contests, and demonstrations of German crafts and customs enrich the cultural experience, highlighting the traditional charm. 

Craft Workshops: Many Oktoberfest events in Connecticut include craft workshops where people can learn to make traditional German crafts like cuckoo clocks or beer steins.

Children’s Activities: To ensure a family-friendly atmosphere, the events offer activities specifically for children, such as face painting, puppet shows, and kid-focused performances. 

Connecticut Oktoberfest Food and Beverages

The delicious food and beverage selection at CT Oktoberfest is central, allowing visitors to enjoy authentic German flavors with a local twist.

Beers: Integral to the Oktoberfest experience, a variety of beers, including local Connecticut brews and traditional German imports, are available, offering a range of flavors from rich and malty to crisp and hoppy.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages: The events at CT provide a variety of sodas, including root beer and birch beer, as well as apple cider, both hot and cold, to cater to all tastes and preferences.

Bratwurst and Sausages: A favorite dish at Oktoberfest, served hot from the grill with sauerkraut and mustard, featuring the essence of German street food.

Schnitzel: Breaded and fried cutlets, typically pork, served with lemon wedges or various sauces, offer a hearty meal option to festival-goers.

Local Dishes: You can also enjoy local delicacies alongside traditional German foods, such as New England clam chowder, seafood rolls, and more. 

Important Considerations When Attending  Oktoberfest in Connecticut

  • Consider using public transportation to reach CT Oktoberfest events. Parking can be limited to the venues due to the heavy crowds, especially during peak hours. 
  • The weather in Connecticut can be unpredictable, so dress appropriately by checking the weather forecast earlier. 
  • Remember to bring essentials like a water bottle, sunglasses, raincoat, etc. 
  • Check event schedules earlier so you do not miss the fun activities and performances offered at the festival.
  • Follow all the specific guidelines provided by event organizers to maintain a safe environment.

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