Oktoberfest In Vermont

Vermont Oktoberfest is one of the most celebrated traditions mirroring German culture and heritage. Held at various locations in Vermont in September and October, these events offer local and German food, beer, oompah music, contests, games, rustic decor, and much more. 

These events showcase German and local Vermont brews, along with plenty of fun activities. In terms of impact, Vermont Oktoberfest events have become a great tourist attraction, drawing visitors to enjoy the scenic landscapes, delicious food and craft beers. These events also benefit local businesses, from breweries to hotels, and help promote the state's cultural diversity. 

How Oktoberfest in Vermont Started?

Oktoberfest in Vermont was started in 2015 by Red Clover Events and held annually until 2020. However, the event was put on hiatus from 2020 to 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2023, the event started again with the same zeal and enthusiasm. However, the event is now managed by Orleans Events and delivers an incredible experience to visitors of all ages.  

Vermont Oktoberfest Locations

Mount Snow Oktoberfest: Mount Snow Ski Resort 

Killington Oktoberfest: Killington Ski Resort 

Burlington Oktoberfest: Waterfront Park

Stowe Oktoberfest: 150 Weeks Hill Rd, Stowe

Largest Oktoberfest Celebrations in Vermont 

The Vermont versions of Oktoberfest are the greatest, ensuring a unique experience amidst the striking mountains and landscapes. 

Mount Snow Oktoberfest

Mount Snow Oktoberfest features an array of German and domestic beers alongside traditional German dishes. The event includes various games such as keg toss, yodeling contests, and stein holding. Activities for children are available in the Kids Zone. The festival takes place regardless of weather, with food and beer vendors set up under tents. Entertainment includes live music, and guests may bring their own tents for additional space. 

Killington Oktoberfest

Killington Oktoberfest lets you experience vibrant Bavarian traditions in the heart of Vermont. As the leaves begin to change, this festival draws crowds with its lively blend of music, traditional fare, and a wide selection of beers. Beyond the classic games and delicious food options, attendees can explore the natural beauty of the area through various outdoor activities. It's a perfect autumnal celebration encouraging community gatherings.

Burlington Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Burlington has been a community staple each September since its inception in 2015 by Red Clover Events until it went on hiatus in 2020. Managed by the same team responsible for reviving Truck Stop in Burlington’s South End, this beloved event maintains its traditional format of games, music, and exceptional drinks. Building on the foundation laid by Lou DiMasi and the Red Clover Events team, Oktoberfest continues to enhance its cultural experience and festive atmosphere.

Stowe Oktoberfest

Stowe Oktoberfest is a Bavarian cultural celebration featuring live performances by authentic oompah bands and traditional dancers. Visitors can enjoy a selection of beer, wines and authentic German cuisine, emphasizing various German dishes, including bratwursts. The event is also known for its array of traditional German goods available for purchase. 

Dates and Time for Vermont Oktoberfest 

Mount Snow Oktoberfest: October 7 

Killington Oktoberfest: October 8 

Burlington Oktoberfest: September 20-21 

Stowe Oktoberfest: September 10 to October 3 

Vermont Oktoberfest Tickets and Booking Details 

All the Vermont Oktoberfest events require prior booking. You can check the booking details and get tickets from the official website of each location. Kids under the age of 6 can enter the venues free at some locations. However, all the adults and elders must bring their valid ID for smooth entry. Also, all these events are pet-free.

Dress Code for Vermont Oktoberfest 

Like  Munich Oktoberfest, Vermont events welcome wearing men’s Lederhosen and dirndls. However, wearing these outfits is not a necessity and you can wear anything that fits your comfort and style preferences. 

Vermont Oktoberfest Highlights & Fun Activities 

Oktoberfests in Vermont are not just about beer but also offer many exciting activities to cater to visitors of all ages. The family-friendly festivities let everyone make their day special while ensuring an incredible experience. 

  • Keg Tossing: This is a competition in which participants throw a keg as far as possible, adding a competitive spirit to the festive environment. 
  • Stein Hosting: An important Oktoberfest activity includes holding the beer stein at arm’s length for as long as possible. 
  • Hole in One Challenge: This is a golf-inspired game where participants try to get a ball into a hole with the least number of attempts. 
  • Costume Contest: The participants wear the best traditional Oktoberfest attire to celebrate culture and win prizes. 
  • Obstacle Course Races: It is a major highlight of Oktoberfest Vermont, where participants race through obstacles, testing their speed and agility. 
  • Wheel of Fortune: A game of chance where participants spin a wheel to win prizes, adding fun to the festivities. 
  • Grand Parade: The parade at Stowe Oktoberfest is the biggest attraction that officially marks the beginning of Oktoberfest.
  • Jumping Fun House And Face Painting: Vermont Oktoberfest offers a range of activities for kids, such as jumping horses, pumpkin painting, face painting, magic shows, and kids' favorite foods to make their day. 

Vermont Oktoberfest Food and Beverages 

Beer Selection: Oktoberfest in Vermont features over 100 beers from 40 different breweries, including local and international. Like the original Oktoberfest in Germany, the celebration of craft beer is integral to the Vermont Oktoberfest. 

Local and German Cuisine: The festival offers many German-inspired food and local Vermont dishes. From bratwursts and pretzels to artisan cheeses and sweets, the food options perfectly complement the beer selections. 

Tips to Consider for Vermont Oktoberfest 

  • Check the weather forecast of Vermont Oktoberfest locations and dress appropriately. 
  • Enjoy the beers, but stay hydrated and avoid being over-drunk. 
  • Carry essential cash with you to avoid any payment-related issues. 
  • Plan ahead and check the schedule for major performances, parades, and booking of the events weeks before the event. 
  • The parking areas may be filled due to heavy crowds, so prefer using public transportation. 
  • Follow all the rules and regulations set by the management and maintain a good festive environment for everyone. 
  • Arrive early at the events to get the right spot and enjoy the activities fully. 

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