Events of Oktoberfest In Delaware

Delaware Oktoberfest is celebrated every year in September and October, aligning with the authentic Oktoberfest in Munich. The festival season at various locations in Delaware is marked by beer, bratwurst, folk music, traditional German costumes, and Bavarian-inspired fun. These festivities expand over a few days or weeks based on the specific location and get a huge response from a diverse crowd every year to experience some of the most cultural and family-friendly activities. 

Historical Background of Delaware Oktoberfest 

The history of Oktoberfest in Delaware is deeply rooted in the Delaware Saengerbund, a German-American cultural and social club founded in 1853. The annual Oktoberfest started in this city started in 1979. Initially, it was a private event only for club members, but it opened to the public afterward following the remarkable success of its 125th-anniversary celebration. Today, these festivities have expanded to various locations in Delaware and deliver authentic German experiences to the attendees. 

Delaware Oktoberfest Locations 

Saengerbund Oktoberfest: Delaware Saengerbund, 49 Salem Church Road, Newark, DE 

Millville Oktoberfest: Millville Volunteer Fire Company, Atlantic Avenue, Millville, DE

Oktoberfest at Revelation Craft Brewing Company: Revelation Craft Brewing Company,  Central Street, Rehoboth Beach, DE 

Oktoberfest at Constitution Yards: 308 Justison Street, Wilmington, DE

Revelation Oktoberfest: Eagle Crest Road, Milton

Biggest Oktoberfest Celebrations in Delaware 

Delaware hosts some of the liveliest and most fun-grabbing Oktoberfest celebrations. This place offers many exciting cultural activities across various locations in Delaware, allowing you to experience the true sirit of Oktoberfest without going to Germany. 

Saengerbund Oktoberfest

The Delaware Saengerbund Oktoberfest is a three day event, starting with a parade on Friday night at 7 PM. The event starts at 5 PM on Friday and concludes at 11 PM, operating from noon to 11 PM on Saturday, and noon to 6 PM on Sunday, with bars closing an hour earlier. The entrance fee is $10, covering unlimited amusement rides. Highlights include performances by the "Enzian Volkstanzgruppe," a Bavarian dance group, and a constant backdrop of German music. The visitors can enjoy authentic German cuisines like Bratwurst, Weisswurst, BBQ chicken, and pretzels. 

Millville Oktoberfest

The annual Millville Oktoberfest is a one-day festival that features free concerts and many activities, including beer tastings from over 15 local craft breweries. The festival begins with performances by the German oompah band Shutzengiggles and then the local band DECADE 80. Food and pretzels are available for purchase, while tickets are required for beer tastings. Overall, the event offers an incredible Oktoberfest experience to the visitors with a lot of fun activities, beer, and food. 

Oktoberfest at Revelation Craft Brewing Company

Held on September 29 every year between 4-9 pm, Revelation’s Beer Garden Oktoberfest celebrates the autumn season and the closing event for the summer. The festival allows you to enjoy fall brews live music, and sample a variety of local food from nearby trucks. This event marks the end of Revelation’s successful season and celebrates the community’s support and engagement throughout the year. It's a perfect setting for guests to experience authentic German culture and activities with a local twist. 

Oktoberfest at Constitution Yards

Constitution Yards in Wilmington, Delaware, is a beer garden that offers a memorable experience to visitors. During the Oktoberfest event, the venue organizes classic American cuisine, a rotating selection of craft beers, seasonal cocktails, and wine. Highlights include live music on Fridays and Saturdays, sports viewing on a big screen, and Wilmo Axe for ax throwing. It's dog-friendly, encouraging visitors to bring their pets.  

Delaware Oktoberfest Dates & Duration 

Saengerbund Oktoberfest: September 15 to September 17 (Three-day event)

Millville Oktoberfest: 1st October (One-day Event)

Oktoberfest at Revelation Craft Brewing Company: 14 October (One-day Event)

Oktoberfest at Constitution Yards: 16 September (One-day Event)

Delaware Oktoberfest Tickets & Booking

Most Oktoberfest celebrations in Delaware are free to enter. However, some special performances and VIP seats may require earlier bookings. You can check the official website of each venue before the event to see whether it requires a booking. Bookings are usually available online, mainly for beer tastings at Revelation Craft Brewing Company Oktoberfest. 

Dress Code for Delaware Oktoberfest Events 

Men can wear traditional Lederhosen with a classic shirt or t-shirt; however, dirndls are perfect for women. These Bavarian outfits let you enjoy the Oktoberfest celebrations with a touch of authenticity. However, there is no strict dress code at any Delaware Oktoberfest locations and you can wear anything of your choice. Just make sure to stay updated on the weather to dress appropriately. 

Delaware Oktoberfest Activities & Entertainment 

Oktoberfest in Delaware provides an array of entertainment and activities at all locations, including: 

  • Traditional German Music and Dance: Each event features live traditional German music and dance performances, creating an authentic Oktoberfest atmosphere.
  • Ax Throwing and Amusement Rides: Some events, such as Constitution Yards, offer ax throwing competitions, while places like Delaware Saengerbund include amusement rides, adding a thrill to the festivities.
  • Craft and Vendor Booths: Festivals often host numerous craft and vendor booths where artisans display and sell unique handmade goods.
  • Family-Friendly Games: Activities suitable for families, including games and contests, are typically part of the event, ensuring fun for attendees of all ages.
  • Delaware Oktoberfest Food and Beverages 

    The food and beverages at Delaware Oktoberfest are central to the experience, highlighting German culinary traditions:

  • German Specialty Foods: Visitors are available with authentic German foods, such as bratwurst, pretzels, sauerkraut, and potato salad, cooked in traditional styles.
  • Beers Serving: Many Oktoberfest events in Delaware feature local craft beers made specially for this occasion. 
  • A Vast Drink Selections: You can enjoy other beverages also, including wines, ciders, and non-alcoholic options to cater to diverse tastes. 
  • International Food Options: Some festivals serve a mix of traditional and international cuisines, providing a taste of various cultures. 
  • Important Tips for Attending Oktoberfest in Delaware

    • Carry cash along with cards, as some vendors may only accept cash payments. 
    • Consider using public transportation to avoid parking issues. 
    • Check for family-friendly hours if attending with children. 
    • Verify event details a few days before attending to stay updated on any changes or specific entry requirements.
    • Dress properly to comfortably adapt to Delaware's weather, which can shift from cool mornings to warm afternoons. 

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