Oktoberfest in West Virginia

West Virginia Oktoberfest is one of the notable US events providing a lot of fun activities, food, beer, and more. Held in September and October every year, these celebrations attract millions of visitors. 

The events are set around the theme of Munich Oktoberfest with a local twist of each location, making it a must-have experience. WV Oktoberfest celebrations honor German traditions and incorporate local cultural elements, such as Appalachian music and craft beers. This blend of German and Appalachian traditions creates a distinctive festive atmosphere that appeals to locals and visitors.

West Virginia Oktoberfest Locations

OktoberWest in Charleston: 480 East Bay St, Charleston

Buffalo Oktoberfest: Buffalo Central Terminal 

Morgantown Brewing Oktoberfest: Morgantown Brewing Company, University Avenue, Morgantown  

Oktoberfest Shepherdstown: 163 Shepherd Grade Rd, Shepherdstown

Largest Oktoberfest Celebrations in West Virginia 

Oktoberfest in West Virginia is held at different locations. Each one offers a quality time with fun-grabbing activities, delicious food, and more. 

OktoberWest in Charleston

OktoberWest, presented by Encova Insurance, is West Virginia's largest Oktoberfest celebration and one of the state's major craft beer festivals. The event draws a significant crowd. Many local businesses on the West Side participate in the festival. 

Visitors can enjoy more than 150 craft brews, ciders, and wines, including special Octoberfest and German varieties. The festival also offers live entertainment, with three bands performing on the City National Bank Stage. Activities such as stein holding, keg rolling, sausage toss, and a contest for the best traditional dress are part of the festivities. 

Buffalo Oktoberfest

Buffalo Oktoberfest in WV features a lineup of activities and entertainment that cater to all ages. You can enjoy live music with a mix of Hip-Hop, Rhythm and Blues, Soul, and Gospel-inspired sets from DJ P-Nasty, Free Music Party, and Miller and The Other Sinners. Sports fans can gather for a Bills Watch Party, while families can delight in a petting farm, hayrides, and pumpkin decorating. 

The endless food options include sausages from Shish Kabob Heaven, plant-based delicacies from Avenue29 Foods, Caribbean flavors from KT Caribbean Cuisine, artisan German cookies from Catering by Marjorie, and more. The drink selection is equally impressive, with the launch of the “Central Terminal,” a specially brewed brown ale by Buffalo Brewing Company, celebrating the iconic Buffalo Central Terminal. 

Morgantown Brewing Oktoberfest

Morgantown Brewing Oktoberfest revisits the excitement of the legendary Brewpub BBQ Brawl, promising a lively experience for attendees. Additionally, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., The Party Time Polka Band entertains guests with lively polka music in the taproom. 

The evening combines craft beer, professional wrestling, and live music, offering a diverse and engaging Oktoberfest experience. Attendees are encouraged to join with friends and family to enjoy the festivities. This event marks the start of a series of activities planned to capture the spirit of Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest Shepherdstown

The Bavarian Inn Resort and Brewing Company in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, hosts a family-friendly outdoor festival set on 11 acres. Kicking off on Friday, the event promises an afternoon filled with traditional German cuisine, beer, music, and cultural activities. 

Food options cater to everyone, including special meals for kids and various desserts. Adults can enjoy German beer and selections from the event's Bavarian Brother's Brewing. 

West Virginia Oktoberfest Dates & Duration

OktoberWest in Charleston: 30th September 

Buffalo Oktoberfest: 22 October

Morgantown Brewing Oktoberfest: 1st October 

Oktoberfest Shepherdstown: 18th September 

Note: Dates may vary every year as per the location

West Virginia Oktoberfest Tickets and Booking Details 

Many of the Okotberfest celebrations in West Virginia are free to enter. However, some locations require you to book tickets in advance.  The general admission fee for Charleston Oktoberfest is $40, providing six 12-ounce beer tickets and access to the Oktoberwest concert series. 

Tickets for children aged 12 and under are $10, granting access to the Kid’s Zone and concert series, with a stipulation that children under two must be in a stroller during peak hours. Meanwhile, the Shepherdstown event offers tickets at the door for $5 per person, with special parking provisions for handicapped and overnight hotel guests. 

Dress Code for West Virginia Oktoberfest 

Wearing traditional dresses, including Lederhosen for men and dirndl for women, gives you an authentic Bavarian appearance for the event. However, there is no strict dress code for WV Oktoberfest, and you can wear Jeans, a T-shirt, or any dress of your choice. Just be prepared for the unexpected weather and dress appropriately. 

West Virginia Oktoberfest Highlights & Fun Activities 

WV Oktoberfest celebrations offer an array of exciting food and activities for their visitors. 

Traditional German Foods and Beer Tasting

The events feature a variety of traditional German foods, including bratwurst, sauerkraut, and pretzels. Also, you can enjoy a selection of local and German beers. Some events also include American food favorites like hamburgers and hot dogs.

Live Music and Performances

Oktoberfest events in West Virginia include live music and dance, ranging from folk bands to local and regional musical genres. These live performances enhance the festive atmosphere while allowing you to enjoy German and local musical traditions. 

Beer Stein-Holding Competition

This is among the most popular Oktoberfest activities in WV, where participants try to hold a full beer stein at arm's length for as long as possible.

Carnival Games and Rides

Festivals like the Buffalo Oktoberfest provide carnival games, crafts, and rides for families and children, making it a fun event for all ages.

Costume and Beer Competitions

Some events at WV present costume contests that encourage attendees to dress in traditional German outfits. Competitions like keg rolling, homebrew contests, and beer tastings add an exciting element to the festivities.

Parade and Cultural Processions

Like the original Oktoberfest in Germany, West Virginia versions start with parades or processions through the streets, featuring participants in traditional German attire and floats decorated with German flags and cultural symbols.

Crafts and Local Vendors

Events usually include booths from local crafters, vendors, and community organizations, offering handmade goods and providing information about local services and initiatives.

Essential Tips for West Virginia Oktoberfest 

  • Use public transportation instead of private cars to avoid parking issues. 
  • Check each of the event’s official websites weeks before the event to get information about the timings, bookings, and schedules for special performances. 
  • Drink responsibly and take care of cleanliness as well as the essential rules to maintain a good environment for all. 
  • Some vendors might not accept cards, so carry essential cash with you. 
  • Beer dehydrates, so alternate drinks with water throughout the day.

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