Oktoberfest Gerogia Celebrations

Oktoberfest is celebrated at various venues throughout Georgia, a southeastern U.S. state whose terrain showcases coastal beaches, farmland, and mountains. By celebrating Beerfest annually in the fall, Georgia offers locals and tourists an equal opportunity to enjoy the spirit of German festivities. Oktoberfest Helen, Oktoberfest Atlanta, and Rock City's Rocktoberfest are some of the major destinations celebrating German food, traditional clothes, and Oktoberfest beer.

Locations of Oktoberfest Georgia

All the Georgia Oktoberfest locations showcase a variety of German food, beer assortment, traditional music, and activities for kids and adults, making it a family-friendly event​. 

    • Helen:  1074 Edelweiss Strasse, Helen, GA 30545, United States
    • Atlanta: 830 Willoughby Way NE, Atlanta, GA 30312
    • Rock City's Rocktoberfest: 1400 Patten Road, Lookout Mountain, GA, United States

Oktoberfest in Georgia History

In 1969, Helen was transformed into a small German town to revitalize the area. This initiative laid the foundation for Georgia's inaugural Oktoberfest Festival in 1970. Since its genesis, thousands of visitors pour into Georgia every year to celebrate German heritage along with beer, German food, and traditions like mens lederhosen, dirndl, and polka dance. Following Oktoberfest Helen, many similar German celebrations began throughout Georgia.

Some Major Oktoberfest Celebrations In Georgia

Georgia takes the beerfest to the next level with each passing iteration. Each of the Oktoberfest venues in this State is a must-visit.

Oktoberfest Helen, Georgia

Helen's yearly Oktoberfest takes place in a special venue called the Festhalle, like a big pavilion surrounded by walls. The Helen Beer Festival features activities similar to those in Munich, Germany. People from the area as well as tourists, dress up in traditional Bavarian clothing, enjoy lively polka music, and indulge in delicious treats like pretzels, schnitzel, and sauerkraut both at the Festhalle and in other places around town.

Oktoberfest Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Oktoberfest is about enjoying German heritage in authentic lederhosen. The Oktoberfest in Atlanta menu has everything from mouthwatering German cuisine to ice-cold brews. This German celebration is not missing on the live music, exciting games, and plenty of Oktoberfest-themed entertainment.  Oktoberfest Atlanta offers VIP and General admission for its attendees.

Oktoberfest Rock City's Rocktoberfest, Georgia

Rock City Oktoberfest is a perfect venue to experience a taste of Germany at Rock City with authentic German beer, pretzels, and beer cheese sauce, along with hearty bratwursts, mustard, turkey legs, and savory German potato fries. The menu has a never-ending list of German desserts for all with a sweet tooth. The delightful autumn-themed fudge flavors at the Fudge Kitchen are a special addition.

During Rocktoberfest, there's plenty of themed fun and entertainment every weekend. Attendees can get creative at the Geode Building with the tiny pumpkin painting. Jerry the Mime captivates the crowd with his silent street-style performances at Legacy Lane.

Date and Time of Oktoberfest Georgia

Georgia’s Oktoberfest is held at various locations, times, and dates, mostly during September or October. Oktoberfest celebration throughout the state allows attendees to enjoy several Beerfest gatherings wherever convenient. 

  • Helen: September & October (thirteen-day celebration, longest-running celebration throughout the United States)
  • Atlanta: Celebrated in September or October  
  • Rock City’s Rocktoberfest: September (Two-days celebration)

Oktoberfest Georgia Tickets & Reservations

The general admission to Oktoberfest at different venues in Georgia offers different incentives, and the prices vary. Helen's admission price varies for weekdays and weekends. Kids under 6 are to join the Bavarian beer festivities, and the adult ticket ranges from  $10 to $20, and Sundays are free. Atlanta Oktoberfest ticket  includes:

General Admission Pass 

  • A 22oz souvenir beer stein
  • A complimentary 22oz Arches Brewing beer upon entry


  • A grand 25oz commemorative glass beer stein
  • A complimentary 25oz Arches Brewing beer upon entry
  • Four additional complimentary beers
  • A stylish pair of souvenir Oktoberfest sunglasses

NOTE: Every venue has some rules and restrictions, even with the ticket. Below are some restrictions for participating in Oktoberfest Helen sourced through the official website.

Dress Code for Oktoberfest Georgia

The Georgia Oktoberfest has no dress code obligation. The preferred dress code is traditional Bavarian outfits like dirndls, and authentic lederhosen are appreciated. The trachten outfit goes with the traditional German Oktoberfest celebration theme. Leather breeches can also be worn with a T-shirt or polo for a laid-back look. However, wearing completely traditional German clothes shows respect and is a way of fully embracing Bavarian culture.

Georgia Oktoberfest Food and Drink

Oktoberfest Georgia takes center stage with the authentic flavors of Germany because of their Beer, Brawts, & Bavarian Pretzels! Catering to enthusiasts of German cuisine, food options are unlimited, offering a delightful experience with various traditional options available for purchase.


  • Cheese Nachos 
  • Chili Cheese Nachos 
  • BBQ Nachos 
  • BBQ Sandwich
  • Hot Dog 
  • Chili Dog
  • Chips
  • Sausages 


  • Cookies
  • Brownies
  • Pretzel w/ Beer Cheese


  • Beer
  • Coffee
  • Juices
  • Water

Oktoberfest Georgia Entertainment Options

All the Oktoberfest Georgia Events are full of German-style entertainment. Some of  the highlights include:

Live Music & Dance: At Oktoberfest Atlanta, experience the lively tunes of authentic German polka music. You can also enjoy performances by talented local artists and bands specializing in traditional Bavarian brass style. Check out the featured musicians' lineup on each event's official Facebook page or website!
Family-Friendly Activities: Kids are also welcome at Oktoberfest, and many activities are planned in every venue to keep them entertained. Activities include Puppet show, Crafts, Games, & Inflatables
Competitions & Contests: The Stein Hoisting Contest, Brawt Toss, Keg Roll Racing, and Pretzel Toss are some contests held to keep the spirit of Oktoberfest in the Georgias venues.

    Tips For Making the Most of Oktoberfest Georgia

    • Helen is a popular Oktoberfest destination. Hotels and vacation rentals are usually book fast.
    • Most vendors accept credit cards, but it's always a good idea to have cash in your pocket for food, drinks, and souvenirs.
    • Wear comfortable shoes to the Oktoberfest in Georgia. The event generally requires a lot of walking, standing, and sometimes dancing.
    • The weather can vary as Oktoberfest is held in September and October. Be sure to check the forecast to avoid getting wet in the rain.
    • Oktoberfest is all about celebrating and having a good time, but drinking responsibly is important. There will be plenty of time to enjoy all the different beers, so don't overdo it.
    • Oktoberfest is a popular event, and most of the venues are crowded. If you don't like crowds, you may want to avoid going on weekends.

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