Finding the Best Bavarian Shoes Combinations with Lederhosen For Oktoberfest

Lederhosen goes perfectly with Haferlschuh, as they are made of authentic leather with embroidered motifs like the pants. The footwear color options to best match the outfit include typical brown or black, as they are universal and can match countless lederhosen types. Complementing Trachten pants with the right pair of shoes upgrades the outlook from "tourist trying too hard" to an "authentic German. 

A wise man once said, “I firmly believe that with the right footwear, one can rule the world.86% of the Oktoberfesters are from Bavaria, and almost all of them wear lederhosen. So be conscious that pairing the wrong shoes can send the wrong signal to the patriots—you are being disrespectful towards Bavarian culture.

Key Takeaways!

  • Lederhosen looks best with the traditional Bavarian side lace shoe “Haferlschuhe.”
  • Derby boots, chukka boots, hiking boots, loafers, and sneakers are nontraditional modern options for pairing with Lederhosen.
  • Material, Color, formality, and socks are some factors to look for when buying shoes to pair with lederhosen.
  • Pairing lederhosen with different shoes can result in a casual to formal look. 

Traditional  Haferlschuhe Shoes Styling Options

To embrace the worthiness of Lederhosen, it should be paired with traditional Bavarian shoes. For the classiest look, no other shoe is a better choice than the Haferlschuh. With a centuries-old history of its own, this footwear stands the test of time like authentic Lederhosen pants.

History of the Traditional Bavarian Shoes

The Traditional Bavarian Haferlschuh shoe has a longstanding history. Some believe it was invented in 1803 by Franz Schratt, an alpine shoemaker, taking design inspiration from the goat's hoof. However, there is evidence suggesting the Haferlschuh existed well before this date.

Initially designed for function, the Haferlschuh features a boat-shaped front and a sturdy sole with hobnails for stability on rugged terrain. This practical shoe became popular for everyday wear in the Alps. Since 1900, the Haferlschuh has also been incorporated into many traditional alpine outfits (Trachten). Despite its association with heritage dress, the Haferlschuh remains a versatile shoe worn for everyday purposes (hiking), not just for special occasions like Oktoberfest.

Remember: Confidence is key! When rocking your lederhosen and chosen footwear, own the look and have fun with it.

Features of Lederhosen shoes Making Them Lederhosen’s Fav

Haferlschuhe, also known as Bundschuh (Bavaria) or Schützenschuh (Austria), are unique shoes with a distinct design. Their peculiar combination of formal and work shoes makes them stand out. The sole is generally made of wood and rubber cleats to provide excellent grip on various terrains. The  Leather breeches shoe's upper part is made of smooth leather or suede and features a lace closure for a secure fit. 

The embroidery motifs on the side make these traditional shoes appealing to wear on festive occasions. Embroidery is hand-done, and beautiful motifs, usually, oak leaves and edelweiss flowers, are brought to life using the same techniques as Lederhosen. Contracting threads are used for prominency, but it is not a one-shoe-fits-all rule. Most traditional leather shoes have the same thread embroidery.

Despite having a thick sole, Haferlschuhe is low-cut around the ankle, allowing them to be worn in some semi-formal settings as an alternative to dress shoes. Traditionally, Haferlschuhe are worn with leather breeches and come in brown and earthy tones to complement the traditional costume.

Factors to Consider When Styling Lederhosen Shoes

While buying shoes to pair with men’s Lederhosen, a few things should be considered to land on the best pair.




Leather is the preferred material for its durability and classic look. Suede goat or deer skin leather offers a softer, more traditional vibe. It goes well with the authentic leather-made lederhosen.


Brown and black are the safest bets and can be styled with different hues of leather breeches, offering versatility and complementing most Lederhosen colors. Consider a dark green or burgundy shade that picks up a subtle color in the Lederhosen embroidery for a bolder statement.


Match the formality of your shoes to the occasion. Haferlschuhe and boots are ideal for traditional settings, while loafers offer a more relaxed vibe.


Not to forget the socks! Choose the traditional loferl, knitted socks in a wool or cotton blend that complements the lederhosen and shoes. Go for patterned socks to achieve a look that defines “YOU.” Ensure the pattern is subtle and doesn't overpower the rest of the outfit.

Bonus Tip: Prioritize quality over price when shopping for shoes to pair with lederhosen shorts. A well-made pair of authentic leather shoes last longer than the one made from synthetic material.

Modern Options to Compliment the Lederhosen

While Haferlschuhe is the gold standard, there's room for exploration for those seeking a more contemporary twist in lederhosen accessories. Here are some alternative footwear options to consider:

Derby Shoe Style

Brown or black leather derbies with a brogue detail perfectly match the rugged look of the leather breeches. Handheld brogue punch derby style is even more appropriate for the Oktoberfest setting. 

Suede Chukka Boots

Similar to derbies, suede chukka boots lend an elevated level of aesthetic. Rich chrome like mahogany, tobacco brown, Mocca, and other shades of brown complement the rustic charm of the lederhosen.

Hiking Leather Boots

Pairing the lederhosen with sturdy hiking boots for men translates to a true meaning of adventurous spirit. This combination works best with a more casual, modern take on the traditional outfit. High-quality boots made from leather in a neutral brown tone are best to match the lederhosen.


This option works best for a relaxed, summery interpretation of the lederhosen look. Wearing lederhosen with high-quality, well-constructed penny loafers in brown or tan leather serves the Oktoberfest look rightly. This combination is best suited for less formal occasions.

Oktoberfest Style Sneakers

Pairing the trachten leather shorts with Oktoberfest-style sneakers is the shortcut to achieving a boyish charm. These sneakers come in different materials and colors.

Women Lederhosen Shoes Options

Women have tons of options to pair with their feminine Lederhosen. Women can also wear  Haferlschuhe as there isn't any hard and fast rule reserving them for men only. No other shoes can provide an excellent grip and complement the rustic charm of Lederhosen better than these traditional leather shoes. If Haferlschuhe isn't the style, there is nothing to fret about! Many modern shoes complement the leather breeches for women. Leather ankle boots or dress boots that hit just above the ankle are great choices, especially when the leather color matches the lederhosen. Some of the other options are;

  • Mary Jane pumps with Cuban heels.
  • Block heels
  • Pumps
  • Sneakers

Putting it All Together to Create a Cohesive Look

Here are some specific outfit inspirations to help you visualize the perfect shoe and lederhosen pairing:

The Traditionalist

Brown lederhosen, a white linen/cotton trachten shirt, a green felt hat, and classic brown Haferlschuhe—this timeless combination radiates the Bavarian mystique and authenticity.

The Modernized

Dark green lederhosen, a black turtleneck, a brown leather jacket, and sleek black derbies complete this ensemble, offering a contemporary twist on the traditional outfit, perfect for a stylish night out.

The Traveler

Light brown lederhosen with a chambray shirt, a brown felt vest, sturdy hiking boots, and patterned wool socks are ideal for embracing the adventurous spirit associated with lederhosen.

The Summer Look

Beige linen lederhosen, a light blue linen shirt, a straw fedora, and tan loafers—this combination is perfect for a casual summer event and offers a relaxed take on the traditional outfit.


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