Oktoberfest Clothing Guide: What to Wear to Oktoberfest 2024

End your scrolling about what to wear to Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival. The Traditional German Costumes — Lederhosen for men and Dirndl for women are the official outfits for the Oktoberfest. Thousands of visitors dressed in Traditional Bavarian Costumes create panoramic sights on Munich's streets. Cultural dressing is an integral part of the festival, which narrates the Alpine traditions and rich history of Bavaria. But what is the Oktoberfest dress code? What do women wear to Oktoberfest? What should men wear to Oktoberfest? What accessories to wear at Oktoberfest?

To answer all these questions, here is a complete Oktoberfest clothing guide, featuring traditional clothing ideas inspired by the latest fashion trends.

Key Takeaways on Oktoberfest Clothing 2024

  • Men wear lederhosen and women adorn dirndl to Oktoberfest, which are the face of Traditional Bavarian Clothing.
  • Lederhosen is often worn with a checkered shirt and elegant accessories, such as an Alpine hat, Haferl shoes, and Loferl socks.
  • Dirndl is made from silk, cotton, or velvet, and has four major parts: the blouse, bodice, skirt, and apron. The female Oktoberfest look is embellished with cozy dirndl accessories.
  • Authentic Lederhosen Costumes can be bought online from retailers like Lederhosens, which not only provides premium Oktoberfest Outfits but also super amazing deals with stress-free shipment. 

What to Wear to Oktoberfest in Munich 2024 

While preparing for the grand beer festival in Munich or throwing a party at home, the questions arise: what to wear to Oktoberfest in Germany or what to wear to Oktoberfest party.

The official Oktoberfest costume for men consists of leather breeches called Lederhosen or Lederhose, which has been the statement of Alpine customs and traditions for two long centuries. German women walked parallel to their counterparts and adorned the super fluffy Bavarian traditional Dirndl on every Oktoberfest since 1810. From the bare essentials and complementary accessories to trendy Lederhosen and Dirndl styling combinations, this ultimate guide covers 360° of what to wear to Oktoberfest in Germany.
Oktoberfest, bringing over 6 million people from across the globe to Munich, is where Bavarian traditional dresses are set to meet modern fashion trends

What are the Traditional German Men’s Outfits for  Oktoberfest?

Men wear Lederhosen to Oktoberfest, which are French-inspired leather pants. They are made of genuine leather for the utmost comfort and are paired with suspenders. Lederhosen men is the official Oktoberfest costume and is particularly famous in Southern Germany. 

Lederhosen to Wear to Oktoberfest

The Lederhosen is a knee-length leather shorts made of genuine leather. The leather fabric makes the men’s outfit comfortable and durable, making the tracht a perfect choice for the Munich weather and Wiesn’s crazy festivities. The Lederhosen outfit goes with traditional accessories like shoes, leather suspenders, special checkered shirts, and super soft Bavarian socks. 

Lederhosen gained significant public attention in 1810, during the first Oktoberfest, which celebrated the marriage of Bavarian Prince Ludwig I. Keeping traditions alive, we feature a Lederhosen collection ranging from vintage to modern Bavarian styles. Our new arrivals for 2024 feature three distinct types of leather shorts that differ in softness and durability. 

  • Deerskin Lederhosen: Prized high for soft, supple, and luxurious feels- Ideal for special events.
  • Cowhide Lederhosen: Strong and durable- Perfect for rough use.
  • Goatskin Lederhosen: Soft yet resilient- Popular to wear to Oktoberfest.

Full Details: All Types of Lederhosen Based on Materials Used

Traditionally, Lederhosen comes either at shorter lengths above the knees or exactly touching the knees, and a more extended version goes below the knee length.

  • Kurze Lederhosen (leather shorts): Above-knee-length, traditional short Lederhosen are popular for wearing during celebrations and leisure activities since they provide a more laid-back vibe.
  • Bundhosen (Knee length Breeches): These are knee-length, a slightly more traditional or conservative style of Lederhosen. Bundhosen are frequently worn for formal occasions or in milder weather.
  • Lederhosen Colors and Styles to Wear to Oktoberfest 

    This year, Oktoberfest will run from 21 September to 6 October 2024. This means you need to buckle up and decide how to style Lederhosen for Oktoberfest 2024.  Our authentic lederhosen comes in various natural colors ranging from dark brown to light gray palettes. However, our new collection has added more vibrant colors, like green shades with synthetic dyes. Here is a list of Lederhosen colors you can choose from:

    Quick Question: Where to Buy Lederhosen?

    Lederhosens offers authentic lederhosen and accessories at affordable rates than what you’ll pay otherwise. Buy lederhosen online by referring to the size charts and if you accidentally don’t fit in the costume, we have an easy return policy. 

    Lederhosen Price Range

    We offer something for everyone with premium lederhosen ranging from $160 to pocket-friendly durable options starting from $110. 

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    Lederhosen Accessories to Wear to Oktoberfest

    To complete the Lederhosen, several accessories are added to embellish the tracht for Oktoberfest. From the leather-made suspenders and Bavarian shirts to traditional Haferl shoes and loferl socks, each accessory acts as a separate plot of the Oktoberfest story. 

    Traditional Lederhosen Shirts

    A checkered or plain white shirt is traditionally worn with Lederhosen. The checkered shirts typically include colors like blue, green, or red to complement the leather’s hue. These trachten shirts are made from high-quality cotton or linen, featuring distinctive elements such as embroidery, horn buttons, and a checkered or solid color design. 

    Remember to Steal the Show! The most popular among Bavarians is the blue and red checkered shirt that gives a formal, festive look.

    Casual Lederhosen T-shirts

    If you are searching what to wear to Oktoberfest casual, there are Lederhosen T-shirts for you. They are crafted from soft, breathable fabrics like cotton or cotton blends, offering comfort and flexibility. The embroidery, printed patterns, funny Oktoberfest taglines, or appliqués make your casual Lederhosen take both festive and modern at the same time. You can find t-shirts in various colors and prints that go well with your traditional leather shorts.

    Lederhosen Shirt Price Range

    We offer a lederhosen shirt collection featuring plain white to checkered options. The price range for the Bavarian shirt ranges from $40-$70. 

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    Lederhosen Suspenders

    Leather suspenders are a significant part of the Oktoberfest men's attire. These German leather braces are either connected directly to the trousers or can be attached via buttons. Suspenders often feature the same embroidery as the Lederhosen and help keep the pants securely in place.

    Lederhosen Suspenders Price Range

    Find the perfect pair with our selection of suspenders, from high-end designs at $70 to sturdy options under $55. 

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    Bavarian Belt 

    An alternative to suspenders, a rusty trachten belt, often embellished with traditional Bavarian buckles, can be worn to provide a different style and additional support. Traditionally, these buckles are crafted from metal and can depict motifs such as regional symbols, family crests, or hunting scenes. 

    Tip: Brown metal belt is the most common Oktoberfest choice for the Germans.

    Lederhosen Belt Cost 

    The high quality leather belt at our store comes with a price tag ranging between $45-$70.  

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     Lederhosen Socks

    Here is another side character in Lederhosen's story: Knee-length socks, or calf warmers, known as 'Loferl.' Bavarian socks are crafted purely from wool. These socks not only provide warmth during fuzzy Oktoberfest evenings but also add a classic touch to Bavarian look. These are available in colors like gray, green, white, blue, and the universal black shades. 

    Lederhosen Socks Price

    We offer a practical collection of lederhosen socks that fits perfectly well from casual to formal events. The price ranges between $40-$45. . 

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    Traditional Bavarian Shoes

    Guess who is the partner of loferl? The Bavarian shin calmers are usually paired with sturdy leather shoes known as 'Haferl' shoes, characterized by their side lacing and strong muscular soles. The Lederhosen shoes are the perfect choice for harsh Alpine topographical conditions available in classic dark brown and black color combinations.

    Haferl Shoes Price Range

    Our Bavarian shoes are made of 100% genuine leather and the price ranges between $100-$120.

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    Tyrolean Hat 

    The traditional Lederhosen includes a variety of Trachtenhut. Often made of wool, these hats feature a brim with a tuft of goat hair, feathers, or a brush made of animal hair or birds’ feathers, and sometimes a band adorned with edelweiss or a similar motif. The Alpine felt hats come in brown or green colors to act as a universal accessory for any costume. 

    Price for Tyrolean Hat

    Accessorize your lederhosen within budget as we offer distinguished designs for tyrolean hats with prices ranging from $30-$40.  

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    Trachten Waistcoat

    Made from natural fibers like wool, linen, or leather, traditional waistcoats are designed for comfort and durability. They usually have a v-neckline, a five-button closure down the front, and two or three pockets on the lower front. Its timeless elegance and craftsmanship make it an important part of Lederhosen wardrobe. 

    Styling Tip: Order a white trachten shirt with a brown deer head cast on the chest line. Add light brown embroidered Lederhosen. Go for the matching brown hat and traditional shoes, along with the leather belt. Don’t forget to tuck in the shirt along the bib to show the engraved metal buckle. 

    Trachten Waistcoat Price

    We offer luxurious to casual waistcoats for lederhosen that go well at Oktoberfest or any festive occasion. The price varies between $110-$130. 

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    What are the Traditional German Women’s Outfits for Oktoberfest?

    The Official Oktoberfest dress code for women is the Bavarian Dirndl. The German clothing is crafted from lightweight and breathable fabrics such as linen, silk, or velvet, which ensures your comfort and graceful outlook at festivals such as Oktoberfest. Traditionally worn as casual daywear among the Alpines, the women's costume has become a Bavarian poem that sings about vintage crafts and the rich history of Bavaria.

    Dirndl for Women to Wear to Oktoberfest

    Dirndl is the classic German dress for women that has been ruling the trachten fashion for centuries. The super elegant women's outfit combines four major parts: a fitted bodice, often adorned with decorative lacing or embroidery, a full, flowing skirt, a white, puff-sleeved blouse that peeks out from the dress's neckline, and an apron tied at the waist. Dirndl designs include floral options, checkered patterns, and vintage embroideries to cater to diverse needs. 

    Dirndls come in various types, varying in sizes and fabric choices. From silk and linen to rustic cotton and everything in between, the choice of material decides the overall look of the dirndl. 

    Bavarian Style Dirndl in Different Lengths

    Dirndl is available in three major types based on their length:

    • Mini Dirndl: They are 50 cm or 19.5 inches in length. Mini dirndl is a contemporary and fun twist on the traditional outfit. Those who are short-height or wish to flaunt their legs will love this shorter version. 
    • Midi Dirndl: The length of a midi Dirndl falls around mid-calf, usually ranging from 60 cm to 70 cm (24 to 28 inches). Midi dirndl falls just above the ankle but below the knees.
    • Long Dirndl: Long Dirndl extends to the ankle or just above it, typically measuring 85 cm to 95 cm (33 to 37 inches) in length. The long dirndl is an excellent option for looking more formal and conventional.

    A Sneak Peek at Dirndl Fabrics We Offer

    Our Dirndls collection is made from 100% cotton or a blend of cotton, silk or velvet to wear to Oktoberfest in Munich. The types are:

    • Cotton Dirndl: Breathable and lightweight, cotton dirndls are ideal for warm weather and informal gatherings. 
    • Velvet Dirndl: Velvet dirndls are more elegant and glamorous, come in rich colors, and are made of finer fabric than other Dirndls. 
    • Silk Dirndl: Silk dirndls are an excellent option for looking opulent and sophisticated. They give your outfit a refined touch and drape elegantly.

    Quick Question: Where to Buy Dirndl for Oktoberfest?

    If you want to buy an authentic German Dirndl with fast delivery, order it from Lederhosens, which is focused on selling quality at affordable rates. Our online store has traditional to modern varieties for dirndl, for funky to graceful looks.

    Dirndl Price Range

    The price for our dirndl dresses varies depending on the fabric, style, and detailings you choose. The average price for an Oktoberfest dirndl ranges between $90-$160.  

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    Components of Dirndl Dress

    After getting the answer for what do women wear to Oktoberfest, you must want to know what is dirndl. The female attire consists of four major components: the super sexy blouse, flattering bodice, breezy skirt, and contrasting apron. These parts are crafted individually from premium fabrics in different color palettes, creating a unique Oktoberfest look when combined.

    Dirndl Blouse

    The blouse (Bluse) is worn under the bodice and is cropped above the midriff. The blouse changes the overall effect of the dirndl mainly through the cut of its neckline. A deeply cut blouse combines with a deeply cut bodice to accentuate décolletage, whereas a blouse with a high neckline gives a more modest effect. In traditional designs, the blouse's neckline is at the base of the throat. Other popular necklines are V-shaped, balconette, or heart-shaped. Materials most often used are cambric or linen to keep it suitable for all climates. The popular colors for German blouses are usually white or black with short puff sleeves, while the high neck blouse goes well with full sleeves.

    Dirndl Blouse Price

    Our price range of Oktoberfest dirndl blouses is between $30-$50. Avail of the discounts and sales to find the budget-friendly solutions for completing your festive look. 

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    Dirndl Bodice

    The dirndl bodice fits snugly and is constructed in a single piece, joined in the middle, and fastened with buttons, hooks, zips, or lacing. There may also be a zip on the side or back. Traditionally, the bodice was constructed from thick, black cotton to ensure durability but it can also be made of silk, velvet, or linen in more contemporary patterns to wear to Oktoberfest. The bodice's neckline is rounded or rectangular but could also be exceptionally deep, heart-shaped, V-shaped, or high in more contemporary designs. 

    Dirndl Skirt

    The Dirndl skirt is full length with folds gathered at the waist. The skirt was originally long, but in more contemporary styles, it is also available in mini and midi versions. Traditional skirt features a pocket concealed under the apron on the side or front to provide a functional essence to the costume. 

    Dirndl Apron

    The apron (Schürze) is attached to the skirt and is narrow, covering only the front of the skirt. Traditional apron designs vary according to local tradition and are typically only a single color. In traditional styling, aprons are usually coordinated with Bavarian embroidery. 

    Be Aware of the Position of Apron Bow!

    Knot on the Right: Married or in a relationship.

    Knot on the Left: Single and available.

    Knot in the Center:  Virgin or underaged girl.

    Knot in the Back: Widowed or a waitress.

    Women Lederhosen to Wear to Oktoberfest

    Women can also wear Lederhosen if they are looking for a dirndl substitute.  Lederhosen has become a gender-neutral clothing item, especially when worn at Wiesn. Modern interpretations are slim through the hips and thigh while retaining elements such as braces and minimalist decoration. Women’s lederhosen comes with checkered blouses, knee-high socks, and traditional shoes to fully enjoy the Oktoberfest activities, embracing the right fashion.

    Swaying Couple Goals: To twin along with your partner at Oktoberfest, wear brown embroidered Lederhosen and combine them with a red checkered shirt for men and a Women's Lederhosen Shirt in the same color. Decorate the look with matching accessories. Be bold to show your love!

    Women’s Lederhosen Cost Range

    The price for women’s lederhosen at our store ranges between  $110-$170. Don’t miss out on the Oktoberfest discount and sales on our website.

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    Lederhosens Can Help You Accessorize Dirndl

    Get the latest style clothing ideas for Oktoberfest 2024 at our store. Accessorize your dirndl with Bavarian shoes and a classy cross-body purse to complete the look. You can also flaunt a unique statement by making the traditional German braids and wearing an Alpine hat. 

    German Traditional Clothing for Kids

    If you plan to take the little ones to celebrate Oktoberfest, dressing them in Kid’s Lederhosen is a delightful way to immerse them in the cultural fun! Kids’ Lederhosen outfits are crafted from durable leather. These tiny Lederhosen come with suspenders and Bavarian embroidery that often features playful motifs like animals and flowers. Pairing them with checkered shirts and comfy loafers will complete the Bavarian theme.

    For cute maidens, the dirndl becomes an adorable mini-me version of the traditional outfit. Made with softer fabrics to ensure comfort for all-day fun activities, these children’s dirndls come in vibrant colors and playful patterns. 

    So? What to Wear to Oktoberfest in Munich this Year?

    Oktoberfest Munich isn’t just a beer party; it celebrates Bavarian tradition and promotes Alpine culture worldwide. This detailed Oktoberfest clothing guide indicates that the recommended clothing to wear to Oktoberfest for men is the Lederhosen, while women wear  Dirndl. To slay in Munich, take your step and explore the new arrivals to find a perfect Oktoberfest costume. Buy Oktoberfest sets to get everything under one roof in perfect Bavarian designs and color combinations. Get the maximum out of our Oktoberfest sale now!


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