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How to Size Lederhosen

05 Sep 2023
How to Size Lederhosen

Have you ever encountered a situation where you bought a dress and ended up being disappointed? It has happened to me many times, and I am sure it may have happened to you.

Let me share a little secret with you, or let’s save it for the end like best kept for the last.  We all struggle with finding the right fit in our traditional outfits. At least I do. 

Over the years, I have cracked the code of how to size lederhosen at home and how should lederhosen fit. I will also share my best-kept tricks and tips on how to measure for lederhosen and Lederhosen size chart US.  

How to SIze Lederhosen at Home

Years ago, I struggled with buying authentic Lederhosen online. One of the fears that always stopped me was I might order the wrong size. But with time, I became a champ at shopping Bavarian outfits online from the comfort of my home. Just read this blog post till the end to know every bit on how to measure for lederhosen.

Step 1. Open the Size Chart

The first and foremost important step in buying Premium Lederhosen is the size chart of the online store from which you are planning to make the purchase. For reference, I am attaching the size chart of Bavarian leather trousers from an online store, Lederhosens.

Lederhosen size guide

Pro Tip: The measurements in the above size chart or size guide are given in inches, so make sure you take your measurements in the same unit.

Step 2: Start Measuring

Take a piece of paper and a pen and draw a table with the Waist, Thigh, Leg hem, and length of trousers, each making a row for the table.

  • Measure the Waist
  • Stand up straight, exhale, and wrap the measuring tape around just above your hip bone. Make sure the tape is not too tight; just like that, your waist measurement is done.

  • Measure the Hip
  • Stand straight and join both of your legs with no gap. Take the measuring tape and wrap it around the fullest part of your hips. Try not to do hip measurements if you are wearing any extra layers, as this may affect the size. You can always get help from your tailor or expert to get yourself measured for the best results.

    Pro Tip: To measure the size of your body parts, choose a flexible tape like the one your tailor would have used. Don't ever use one used in construction (retracting tape). 


    Measure Inseam 

    Measure the inseam from your crotch to your hemline. You will need someone to measure your inseam. Wear your tight hugging pants, and do not wear shoes when you get inseam measurements.

    If you cannot take anyone’s help, get your well-fitted trouser. Lay it straight on a flat surface and measure the inseam the same way as mentioned above.

    Measure the length

    Place the ends of the tape on the hem and waistline to measure the total length of your trousers. You can also use your trousers to measure the full length.

    Final Step: Tally Measurements

    Tally all your measurements against the size chart and find the ideal size of a traditional German tracht that fits you best.

    How Should Lederhosen Fit

    For the Oktoberfest attire to fit perfectly, here are some points that should be well kept in mind.

    1. Consider buying snug but not too tight Bavarian attire. 
    1. The length of your Lederhosen can significantly impact your appearance. Check the Length of the traditional wear. You can choose from Knee-Length Lederhosen, which should reach just below your knees. Or a short Lederhosen that should sit comfortably above your knees.
    1. Traditional outfits should ensure proper comfort. Comfort is key when wearing Lederhosen for longer periods.
    1. The importance of mobility is vital when choosing Trachct. Bend and move to ensure you can move comfortably while wearing them.
    1. Properly adjusted suspenders can enhance comfort.
    1. Always test the fit of your outfit before buying. Do a sitting and walking test. Sit down while wearing Lederhosen to ensure they don't pull or restrict movement. Take a few steps to confirm they don't chafe or ride up uncomfortably.
    1. Always look for the size using your measurements. Every brand has different sizes mentioned in the standard Lederhosen size chart US or UK.

    To Wrap It Up!

    Sizing plays an important role in making you look great in traditional outfits. Let us know your best-kept secrets in the comment box when shopping online for traditional German Tracht.

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