How To Wash a Dirndl

How To Wash a Dirndl

Dirndl is the counterpart of the famous German Lederhosen outfit. Dirndl, like Lederhosen, is also accounted for its beautiful silhouette, flairs, and vibrant colors. This regal attire is brought into a single piece by its bodice, blouse, skirt, and apron. When I first bought my dirndl, a few questions came to mind. “How to wash a dirndl in washing machine,” was the most reoccurring and important one.

With years of search and research, I came up with some of the life-saver hacks for Dirndl dresses. These tricks will increase your dirndl's lifespan and keep them looking new as if just bought from the store. In this blog, I will share my best-kept secrets on how to wash German Dirndl to the right use of the detergent.

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How to wash a Dirndl in Washing Machine

Washing is mandatory to revive your clothes and make them look fresh again. Cleaning Dirndl can be divided into a few easy steps. I know, wearing a dirndl and going to Oktoboberfest to savor beer and pretzels is the fun part, and washing it is not so fun. I assure to make your washing dirndl process simple and easy.

Note: The washing process explained in the blog should be followed only after reading the care label on your garments. 

Let’s make your dirndl new to be pulled out for your next party, especially for the approaching Oktoberfest season.

Step 1: Washing Blouse

The best thing about the Dirndl Blouses is its small garment and thus takes less time to wash it. Since the Bavarian blouses are white, thus need to be washed separately with white load. If you face accidental spills like me, you need not to worry about those sweet mustard stains.

Load your blouse in the washing machine according to the instructions mentioned for the composition material.

Usually, a blouse is made from a mixture of materials like cotton or polyester and thus must be washed gently. You can put them in the dryer or hang them to air dry in the daytime for quick drying. Voila, your Blouse is new and stain-free. Easy!

Step 2: Washing Dirndl

Dirndl is the heart and soul of the women's Oktoberfest attire. They are made from colorful fabrics, cut, designed and stitched into different silhouettes and add flairs. Washing dirndl may seem overwhelming, but I promise it's not. Most of the Dirndls are made from materials that can be easily washed in machines.

You can always go for spot cleaning and dry cleaning if you want to preserve the intricate details of your Dirndl. It will also save and increase the life of your dirndl.

Pro Tip: If you still choose to wash the dirndl at home, put it in a mesh bag to save it from friction and getting ruined. 

Step 3: Washing the Apron

Like Dirndl, Apron is also made from different materials like velvet, silk, cotton, or linen. All these materials can easily be washed in the machine but in different wash settings.

The apron is supposed to be the dirtiest of all the parts of the dirndl. It has stains narrating tales of Oktoberfest. Spot treatment and drying cleaning are the alternatives to get your apron squeaky clean other than machine washing.

Prerequisites for cleaning Dirndl

Preparing is the first step and saves you alot of time. Here are some of the Pre-wash preps that are recommended for washing dirndl outfit.

Always Read the Care Label

Reading care labels is essential for machine washing of dirndl. As dirndl are made in different materials, as mentioned above, and different materials require different care.

For instance, Linen can be washed at 40 C, whereas silk is recommended to be washed at 29 C. Washing at a temperature above recommended can cause the material to shrink.

Mild Detergent

You need to get a mild detergent for washing the dirndl to keep it fresh and increase its longevity. Harsh detergent can damage the fabric and color. Choose the detergent specifically made for delicate fabrics.

Pre Wash Treatment

If you find stains or spots on your dirndl, treat them before washing. Special pre-wash treatments are available for stains or spot treatments. Blot the area gently with a paper towel or microfibre to clean the spot. Avoid rubbing, as this may spread the stain.

Final Takeaway Remarks!

Now you know How to wash dirndl in Machine washing; you can easily refresh your dirndl for the upcoming Oktoberfest season. Wear your best dirndl from Lederhosens, made from premium quality fabric.

Eat Pretzels or other German Food, sing OOMPAH, and cling your beer stein this October. Make the most of your visit to the festival in your beautiful outfit, and share your anecdotes with us in the comment section. Let us know your best moments. Prost!


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