Oktoberfest Wear for Oktoberfest-themed Weddings

Oktoberfest wedding themes

Your invitation to a traditional Bavarian wedding! You've confirmed with the happy couple that "Tracht erwünscht" does indeed refer to you in the invitation.

After all, a traditional wedding is all about wearing Lederhosen and Dirndls! Hang on tight to know what to wear at such themed weddings.

So, if you've never attended a German Oktoberfest event, you need a pair of Lederhosen or a dirndl dress. This is where this concise and helpful guide on what to wear at an Oktoberfest-themed wedding really shines. 

Oktoberfest Themed Wedding 

Oktoberfest is a traditional festival in Munich that is incredibly exciting and enthusiastically observed. It actually began as a wedding celebration and evolved into an event centered around food and alcohol! 

So, if you also want to plan an Oktoberfest-themed wedding, you must look at the incredible ideas listed below. 

Wedding invitations in Oktoberfest Style

A wedding is never complete without invitations! The wedding invitation spotlights the overall theme of your wedding ceremony. 

If you are having an Oktoberfest-themed celebration, create your wedding invitation with alcohol, as Oktoberfest is all about beer celebration.

German Oktoberfest Signed Beer Cups

As it's an Oktoberfest-themed celebration, there will undoubtedly be much beer for your wedding guests. Bring in beer mugs with Oktoberfest signs on them to enjoy your wedding reception with true Oktoberfest spirit.

Oktoberfest-inspired Wedding Decorations

Your outdoor wedding decor will undoubtedly look stylish with yard banners inspired by Oktoberfest! Install Oktoberfest yard signs and place a small beer tent. It can help your wedding day celebration reflect the authentic feel of the festival in the best way possible. 

Oktoberfest styled Menu 

Serving delicious roast chicken and soft pretzels at your wedding helps to recreate the Oktoberfest atmosphere. Also place your favorite German side dishes for the touch of authenticity.

Bavarian wedding outfits

Weddings are a celebration of love, culture, and customs. Celebrate the most special day of your life with a traditional dress code and show your love for German culture. Bavarian wedding costumes include Lederhosen men and Dirndls for women. Let's have a look!

Oktoberfest Wear- Lederhosen for Oktoberfest Themed Wedding

Lederhosen is the most exciting option for a formal event, transforming dull occasions into vibrant ones. It is a traditional German attire, more specifically, leather pants designed for men to wear at Oktoberfest and other cultural events.

Historical Significance

Originally, farmers used to wear Oktoberfest to withstand harsh conditions. But, after the wedding of Prince Ludwig in 1810, Lederhosen gained popularity. Now, it has evolved as a fashion statement and universal clothing to wear at traditional events, birthday parties, and weddings.

Ultimate Versatility

Lederhosen comes in different styles, colors, materials, and lengths according to the type of event and weather conditions. Wedding lederhosen is usually more vibrant and decorative than traditional Oktoberfest wear.

However, in order to create a perfect look for any body type for your wedding, consider the following points;

Which Length to Choose?

Lederhosen is available in different lengths: short, over-knee, and full length. You can choose any length according to your body size. Bundhosen helps you to create an elegant look, while short Lederhosen is suitable for winter. So, whichever style and length you choose, make sure to keep the fit around the waist.

Color Choices

A striking color contrast makes it simple to capture someone's full attention. Lederhosen comes in a variety of hues, including conventional brown and black, as well as contemporary blue, green, and beige.

Shirt Choices

You can continue to try new things in Lederhosen. You can now choose colored Bavarian shirts instead of the traditional white trachten ones. The bold colors and cheetah prints will make you look better. 

Checkered shirts are quite informal, so it is better to avoid them. Choose a button-up, broad-collar white shirt, and stay away from collarless or pullover shirts.

Leather Choices

One of the most important components of any traditional oktoberfest outfit is the material. You can enjoy rich fabrics with Lederhosen. From poly-cotton to cow suede leather, Lederhosen can provide the most opulent sensation. 

Although goatskin, neat leather, and wild boar suede are all good, buckskin is the most popular and authentic choice among them.

Adjustable Components

Lederhosen's versatility will enable you to make a more focused decision. You can now choose between conventional waistcoats and exquisitely embroidered suspenders. Decorative suspenders are a symbol of the groomsmen's strength and unity.

Accessories for Lederhosen

Complete your overall look by accessorizing your Lederhosen with a variety of items.

To ensure a secure and comfortable fit, Buckhorn buttons and Chiavari belts are the top choices.

Gilets in silk or jacquard style are another helpful accessory to upgrade your style.

Pair or mix your Lederhosen with Loafers and knee socks to maintain the classic Look.

Mark your presence in the event with jewelry like charivari.

Oktoberfest Wear- Dirndl for Oktoberfest-themed wedding

Dirndl is a traditional German costume specifically designed for ladies. It consists of an apron, a bodice, a skirt, and a blouse. 

Historical Significance

In the past, the working-class women of the region of the Alps wore the dirndl. Today, it is the popular choice among women to wear at weddings in Germany and other countries across the world. 

Wedding Dirndl

Compared to traditional dirndls, the wedding dirndl is frequently more complex and constructed of superior materials. Make sure you choose the appropriate components to create a flawless look. You may create a distinctive bridal style with dirndls. How to do it is as follows:

Establish the Size and Design

It's crucial to estimate the size and length correctly. Snugly fitting dirndls often look attractive. You can choose shorter or knee-length hair for length. For a traditional wedding, select colors like black, green, or red. 

Pick Your Material

Owning expensive fabrics does not come with royalty. Dirndls come in silk, satin, velvet, and lace textures. You can choose your fabric and present yourself ostentatiously. 

Embroidery & embellishment

Bavarian clothing is vibrant and embellished with traditional needlework. There are endless options for improving. You can change the traditional embroidery patterns to suit your tastes.

Blouses and tops

To make an impression, choose a black or white dirndl blouse. Lace blouses are another option for the ideal wedding clothing.


A vibrant dirndl apron will give your dirndls a splash of color. Your clothing will look nicer thanks to the pattern and material options for aprons. 

Accessories for Women Dirndls

Choose matching shoes and bags to create a classy and fancy look.

With dirndls, you can embrace a seductive aesthetic with a variety of attractive necklines.

Select traditional German earrings and chokers to pull off a bridal look.

Coordinating wedding Oktoberfest Party

Your bridesmaids can also have a blast. For your guests, choose a unique bridesmaid dirndl. 

Additionally, groomsmen might benefit from Lederhosen's adaptability. You can plan with your loved ones and friends. Select suspenders and have your loved ones color them.

Wrap Up!

Want to defy convention and bring a fresh idea? The rich history and culture of Bavaria are highly fascinating. To enhance the aesthetics of your wedding, you can discover a variety of features and decorations. 

The most fashionable yet distinctive option for every event is this form-fitting clothing. Invest in a pair of high quality Lederhosen for men and Dirndls for women available at Lederhosens.

You will appear royal thanks to the fine stitching and unique motifs. Are you eager to design a bridal gown in the Bavarian fashion? Let's get going.


The wedding invitation usually gives information about the dress code. Weddings in traditional costumes are becoming more and more popular. When the bride and groom get married in dirndl and Lederhosen, the guests should also have their traditional costumes ready.

The precise length of your Lederhosen mostly depends on how and when you intend to wear it. Short Lederhosen is ideal in the summer and for casual social gatherings. In contrast, long Lederhosen is available for year-round wear. You can choose full-length pairs for a wide variety of fashions.

Yes, women can dress up in Lederhosen. But if you are going to an Oktoberfest-themed wedding, it's advisable to wear a traditional dress made for women-the dirndl.

Bavarian dress is not just for locals; it is also acceptable to wear it to festivals, weddings, and traditional gatherings.


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