Embroidered Waistcoat

Our collection of men’s embroidered waistcoats features a Bavarian eagle and deer motifs rubbed and waxed for authentic Oktoberfest attire. Complement your Lederhosen with an embroidered vest to complete your handsome look in contrasting shades.

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Traditional Embroidered Waistcoat for Lederhosen

To add sophistication to the overall Wiesn look, wearing an embroidered waistcoat is a great idea. The Embroidered Vest signifies the importance of the Bavarian heritage for its people with the detailed motifs on it. Men's embroidered vests make the best combination with white shirts and leather shorts for Oktoberfest.

Embroidered Waistcoat for an Additional Bavarian Touch

Our Oktoberfest embroidered waistcoats with eagle or deer motifs are the most appealing piece of clothing for discerning men like you to choose from a range of sizes- small to plus size. The colors offered at our online store are extensive, from soft to bold chromes made in stylish cuts and silhouettes. We want you to get this German embroidered waistcoat embellished with handmade motif designs made from supreme-quality threads. The top chest pocket can be adorned with a square pocket. The two side pockets have silk trim and perfect room for holding small essentials.